Mimaki Goes for the Glow at ITMA 2015 in Milan

New Neon yellow and pink fluorescent inks ideal for low-volume high-quality use in fashion, sportswear, swimwear and shoes
Amsterdam, November 4, 2015
Mimaki, a leading global manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting plotters for the sign/graphics, textile/apparel and industrial markets, today announced the availability of two new fluorescent inks for its TS300P-1800 inkjet textile printers. Mimaki will be demonstrating these new inks at ITMA, the world’s most established textile and garment machinery exhibition, bringing together industry leaders for a discussion on emerging trends and innovative solutions. Mimaki will be located in Hall 18, Stand C104, at the show. Mimaki’s New Neon fluorescent inks, available in yellow and pink, are ideal for fashion, sportswear, swimwear and shoes and are specially made for use in the low-volume high-quality sublimation paper transfer market.
Mimaki TS300P-1800

Game, set, perfect match with the TS300P-1800

Every team, whether cycling, running, badminton or football, needs to have its own shirt, with a name, number and the sponsor’s logo clearly visible. Producing these relatively small, customized lots cost-effectively requires sublimation technologies, and printing the entire garment rather than applying graphics information afterwards is more profitable. With traditional print, the desired neon colours are hard to achieve and small lot production is often not cost-effective.
The TS300P-1800 was launched at Fespa, specifically designed for digital low-cost production of high-value applications. The combination with the new inks opens up a new range of possibilities for textile printers, designers and garment manufacturers: “Fluorescent colours are in high demand in the fashion and sportswear markets,” says Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA at Mimaki Europe. “With these New Neon inks, designers and garment manufacturers will be able to extend the utility of digital printing solutions to the production of high quality running clothes and other applications that are personalized or have unique designs and stand out for safety or fashion purposes. These inks will finally and for the very first time allow producing these high quality specialty products on a larger scale.”
“As more textile manufacturers learn about these new inks and the quality and capability of digital printing for textiles,” he adds, “we expect to see demand take off.”

Off and running

The TS300P-1800 will be on display at ITMA 2015 in Hall 18, booth C104, where it will be running live demonstrations of the New Neon fluorescent inks. Horsten concludes: “We will have some very exciting samples of the New Neon inks in action for active wear, and we believe visitors to our stand will be quite impressed with what they will be able to achieve. We are looking forward to talking to brand owners, sponsors, teams and textile printers, to check the impact these New Neon inks and the Mimaki digital textile printing solutions may have across a broad spectrum of their business.”
A dedicated blogarticle on this topic, can be found here.


Please join us for an exciting and informative press conference at 11am on November 13th in room Epsilon 5. For more information or to RSVP for the press conference, please contact Maya Staels, duomedia, at maya.s@duomedia.com or mobile +32 (0)487 98 21 61.

Mimaki extends its Digital Textile Printing Solutions wardrobe for ITMA 2015

New printers, new inks and new applications to cover all markets

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – November 04, 2015

Mimaki, a leading global manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting plotters for the sign/graphics, textile/apparel and industrial markets, today reported that it will bring one of the industry’s broadest selections of digital textile printing solutions to ITMA 2015, the world’s most established textile and garment machinery exhibition. Mimaki will be located in Hall 18, Stand C104, at the show.

The Present and Future of Digital Textile Printing

“This will be our biggest and most exciting presence at ITMA ever,” says Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA at Mimaki Europe. “Digital textile printing is truly coming into its own, not only for sample making, but for full production runs. Mimaki is leading the pack with digital textile printing solutions that can meet just about every need. We are excited to speak to ITMA visitors to our stand to find out how they want to use digital printing so we can continue to stay ahead of the curve with new developments that will take the segment even further.”

In addition to two new inks, Mimaki’s New Neon pink and yellow ideal for sports and active wear, Mimaki will be exhibiting five 1.8 meter digital textile printers, each addressing a separate textile application space with new ink technologies. Mimaki’s advancement in Textile Pigment inks will be the first industry solution that combines the speed of the printer with the high quality of the inks into one simple-to-use solution.

Highlights on the Mimaki booth:

  • TS300P-1800 + SB410 ink – This Dye sublimation printer is ideal for paper transfer and will be able to take advantage of the new Neon pink and yellow fluorescent inks.
  • TS300P-1800 + SB410 ink – The Production Dye sublimation printer is ideal for paper transfer in 2 x BMYK ink configurations running speeds up to 115sqm/hr
  • TX300P-1800 + TP400 – Using direct print technology with pigment inks enables anhydrous printing that does not require a washing step in post-processing, simply heating the media fixes the ink. This means there is zero waste water in this environmentally friendly approach to digital textile printing. Textile Pigment inks can be used on all kind of medias, like natural fibers like cotton or linen and man made fibers.
  • TX300P-1800 + Dd400 – Direct Disperse dye inks used with this printer are light and abrasion resistant and are ideal for industrial textiles as well as swim and active wear.
  • TX500-1800B + RC300 – Sticky Belt driven system. The reactive dye inks can be used for direct printing on textiles like cotton and other prepared printable fabrics.

“We are also pleased to be able to show a brand-new concept printer,” Horsten adds, “the 3.2 meter TS500P-3200. This highly productive digital textile printer, which will be commercially available in 2016, will deliver beautiful prints for wider textile requirements such as curtains, bed covers and more. This printer will use Mimaki’s SB310 inks, and we are looking forward to hearing what visitors have to say about the new opportunities it will open for them.”

Last but not least, Mimaki will also announce the new SB420 Dye sublimation inks for direct print for the TX300P-1800 direct to textile printers.

The right Digital Workflow for error-free production

Also being featured at ITMA is Mimaki’s digital textile printing workflow that will make both small lots and larger production runs more efficient. From the designer through to delivery, Mimaki’s digital textile workflow system makes fast, error-free production the name of the game. Combined with Mimaki’s outstanding digital textile printers and inks, this highly automated workflow makes it easier for designers and textile manufacturers alike to take advantage of the many benefits digital textile printing can offer to their businesses.

Please join us for an exciting and informative press conference at 11am on November 13th in room Epsilon 5. For more information or to RSVP for the press conference, please contact Maya Staels, duomedia, at maya.s@duomedia.com or mobile +32 (0)487 98 21 61.

Mimaki at Heimtextil 2015

Mimaki talks digital textile and wallpaper solutions at Heimtextil 2015

Amsterdam, December 9, 2014

Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, will showcase its textile printing expertise at Heimtextil 2015. The international trade fair for home and contract textiles takes place at Messe Frankfurt, Germany from January 14 to 17, 2015, and Mimaki will demonstrate its market-leading solutions for these industries on stand G15 in Hall 4.0.

tx500-1800DS“Digitally printed textile quality has come a technologically long way and is increasingly attractive due to the ability to cost-effectively produce samples, short run and custom textiles. Key retailers are using digitally printed textiles to differentiate themselves with some very eye-catching limited edition pieces,” explains Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA at Mimaki Europe.

“These headline grabbers are very much the tip of iceberg as far as the market opportunities that digital print technology opens up for designers throughout the industry,” Horsten continues. “We are on the cusp of a sea change, and Mimaki solutions are ready to meet today’s needs as well as adapt to new requirements as they arise. At Heimtextil, we again push the boundaries of innovation and creativity with a broad portfolio of solutions for high quality digital printing of textiles. We’re ready for the future!”

Mimaki is Gold Sponsor of the European Digital Textile Conference where Horsten will discuss “Why the home textile sector will switch to digital” on Thursday, January 15, in Hall 4.0 at 12:25 pm.

Horsten comments, “The home textile sector is just one of many of the expanding creative and commercial opportunities offered by digital printing. I look forward to discussing the opportunities with attendees along with ways that operations can ensure that they are at the forefront of this dynamically changing sector.”

Mimaki will demonstrate a number of solutions dedicated to textile production, ranging from the Mimaki TS500-1800 which is ideal for furnishing fabrics as well as sportswear, T-shirts and apparel, to the Mimaki TX500-1800DS that can print on cotton, polyester-based materials, and other fabrics. The JV300-160 dye sublimation printer is suitable for everything from garment marketing to fashion, And the JV400-160LX delivers high-quality latex print for wallpaper applications with six-color printing, including orange and green, for a broad color gamut.

Horsten concludes, “Textile is one of the markets we are most at home in. We have solutions from entry level to high volume that cater to a variety of applications from short runs to high volumes, ensuring that, whatever the market demand, we can help our customers be highly flexible and responsive. There is good reason why our theme is Let’s Create… Together.

Journalists who wish to schedule a meeting or stand tour with Mike Horsten, can contact Maya Staels at duomedia via maya.s@duomedia.com or via mobile number 0032 487 98 21 61.

Glass: The next Holy Grail of printing?

Glass: The next Holy Grail of printing?

by Mike Horsten, Marketing Manager Mimaki Europe B.V.

Some time ago, when I was looking at the possibilities for glass printing, it seemed that digital technology was going to leave this type of process alone. Glass was difficult to print on and the adhesion was problematic. The solution? Stick to traditional methods.

glass print

That was until the development of ceramic glass inks and other technologies started to appear in the market. However, these still required the glass to be baked after printing. This meant bigger markets were unable start using this technology because of the non-existence of suitable finishing equipment in the digital world. Traditional glass manufacturing companies had these technologies in house so they could immediately start using the ceramic inks.

These challenges prompted us to embrace the glass industry with newer digital printed UV-Curable inks.

So ink technologies begun to change and some applications are now available following developmental help. So much of the help came from silkscreen technologies that have been available for a long time. This includes the introduction of primers to enhance adhesion, flaming, corona treatments, even plasma treatments. Tried and tested in the traditional world they helped the digital environment to understand that this was needed also for printing with UV inks.

The results varied and the quality of the adhesion was quite different to the old ways. The biggest difference was, how things were printed on the glass. For example, digital printing requires less ink so the ink combinations with the different glass types complicated the process while considered testing was and is needed to get good results. Unfortunately there is no correct way to print on glass.

That is why we are constantly reviewing what we are doing. The newest method we have been playing with is spraying a silica layer. It creates an adhesive bond layer that UV-Curable ink loves. So at last we have discovered a good match between pretreatment and the UV curable inks that we have been using in the digital world.

Now with the same printers that we have been using for POS signage, short run packaging and even promotional items we can now print on glass. The exciting thing about the glass printing world is that it offers an extensive array of production options from printing on kitchen cabinets, glass meeting room doors, glass table-tops to bottles and cosmetic flasks.

And the results are stunning. The quality of the prints are better than any achieved by traditional processes and the amount of different colors available is very impressive. So much so nobody could have believed this a few years ago.

The glass industry has a new friend – digital print. Short run production, special objects or even art can now be printed on glass and finished with a UV coating for protection.

The way to add value and create much needed margins with high quality glass printing has now become completely transparent. What’s stopping us? Let’s create… together.

Mike Horsten

The Much Loved and Awarded JV33 Just Got Faster

The Much Loved and Awarded JV33 Just Got Faster – Mimaki Delivers Another Innovation at C!Print

Amsterdam, February 4, 2014 JV33 got fasterMimaki Europe, announced that it will introduce the enhanced version of the JV33 series at C!Print in Lyon, France. Focused on bringing new ideas, new applications and new markets to providers of printing services, the show will be held from 4 through 6 February. Mimaki will be located on booths F26/G25 and E26/F25 at the show. In the run up to FESPA Digital 2014, Mimaki is also presenting the French market with an exclusive launch of the enhanced solvent JV33, Mimaki’s work horse in its solvent inkjet product line. “Salon C!Print is co-located with CTCO for promotional products and promotional textiles,” said Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA, Mimaki Europe B.V. “While we are exhibiting in the C!Print area, visitors to our booth will find solutions that are applicable to promotional products and textiles as well. But above all, we’re very excited about introducing the updated version of our industry leading JV33 solvent inkjet printer, which will give our customers more speed and quality for the same price. We are very excited to hear the feedback of our C!Print visitors!” Mimaki will also be participating in NOVA Live, located at the centre of the hall. NOVA Live will showcase live technical demonstrations and many applications created by the exhibitors. Mimaki will be printing with its TS34-1800A dye sublimation printer on sublimation paper which will then be further processed by other exhibitors to create a finished product. “We always find that these multi-vendor live demonstrations draw a great deal of attention at shows,” Horsten added. “Attendees almost always work in a multi-vendor environment, and demonstrations such as these allow them to see the production of an application from end-to-end as though it were being produced in their own shop.”

Better and faster – JV33 series

The new JV33 is an updated version of Mimaki’s top selling JV33 roll-to-roll series of solvent inkjet products. With the exclusive launch of this new development at C!Print, the show attendees will be the first to view this exciting new product. A key enhancement is the addition of Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS) technology, which is an innovative approach to discharging ink droplets to minimize, or even eliminate, banding in high production mode. MAPS is highly configurable to adjust the jetting process to meet specific production needs including adjustments to print speeds. The MAPS system will allow at least a 10% speed increase to the already fast printing solution and will function with all ink sets. Furthermore, Mimaki will not only show this new enhancement, but the JV33 is also available immediately in the EMEA region for distribution.

Personalising Promotional Products

Mimaki will also be demonstrating the personalisation of promotional products at the show. This includes personalisation of promotional products using Mimaki’s UJF-3042 and UJF-6042. These UV flatbed printers with LED curing and multiple ink options print in near photo quality directly on substrates up to 150mm thick with a precise and vivid image quality that is normally only found in more costly printers. These printers support 6 colors and white ink.

Mimaki shows high quality fabric printing at InPrint 2014

InPrint Founder Sponsor Mimaki to show high quality fabric printing at InPrint 2014

Amsterdam, January 22, 2014

A key focus for Mimaki Europe at the InPrint show will be demonstrations of print onto diverse fabrics. Mimaki’s sublimation printer the TS500-1800 will be among the systems showcased on booth H16 along with solutions from Mimaki’s UJF Series and the JFX500-2131 highlighting the company’s broad textile printing portfolio. “We’re constantly raising the bar in terms of the cost, quality and flexibility metrics for high quality small lot printing of textiles, even when using stretchy fabrics,” says Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA, Mimaki Europe B.V.

Mimaki is perfectly positioned and very proud to be a founding partner of the InPrint Show 2014. The company’s expertise and innovative industrial design concepts provide a solid platform to give Mimaki a key profile at this show. With industrial printing taking giant leaps forward and inkjet technology playing a significant role in this booming market Mimaki’s innovative product portfolio based upon its UV-curable inkjet technology is bound to excite the visitor with the promise of a range of interesting business opportunities.

Frazer Chesterman, Co-Director, InPrint continues, ”I am delighted to have Mike as one of the InPrint Ambassadors and Mimaki as joining the development of InPrint as we have been able to create an event that better meets the needs of the market. InPrint has already positioned itself rightfully as one of the most important launch events the European print industry has seen in recent years. Almost everyone we meet agrees that industrial print represents a tremendous opportunity for all that work within it.”

Horsten concludes: “Industrial printing is a vital manufacturing process and inkjet technology is increasingly being used in the industrial sector. Mimaki’s innovative printing technologies can be used in the production of many goods across many sectors. The InPrint Exhibition is a forward looking arena where we can communicate with Europe’s decision makers who will be looking out for innovation for industrial print production. The Mimaki machinery is bound to speed up the gradually growing transition to digital printing in the worlds of textiles and apparel. They will enable fashion designers and others in the industry to produce vibrant small lot products on unique materials, which was previously not possible with digital printing. This includes cotton, silk, hemp and rayon – all popular fabrics in the world of fashion design. We are looking forward to InPrint 2014 to demonstrate the quality product that Mimaki machines can produce.”

Opening of Turkish Technical Center

Mimaki Hosts Gala Event Celebrating Opening of Turkish Technical Center

Hub supports Turkish, Middle Eastern and African regions
Amsterdam, December 13, 2013

Mimaki Tech Center Gala DinnerMimaki celebrated the opening its new technical center in Istanbul, Turkey with a gala dinner. The event, held on November 29th, provided an opportunity for regional dealers and distributors to spend time with Mimaki Chairman Akira Ikeda and to have a private tour of the facility. The strategically-located Mimaki Tech Center, which opened in September, is a training and technical hub for the European, Middle Eastern and African regions. It primarily serves the textile and apparel market, but also provides support across the breadth of Mimaki’s product line.

“The attendance of our Chairman at this event highlights the importance of our Turkish Technical Center to Mimaki’s business in the region and to our dealers, distributors and customers,” says Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing for Mimaki EMEA. “The vibrant Turkish textile and apparel industry, comprising about one-third of Turkey’s exports, is generating significant demand for digital textile printing using solutions such as the Mimaki TS500-1800 high-speed transfer printer. The center will help us more rapidly educate the region on the business opportunities products like this from Mimaki open up for their businesses as the textile industry begins its analog-to-digital transformation.”

“There was a great deal of excitement at this gala event,” added Arjen Evertse, Manager of the Mimaki Tech Center. “With attendees from three different continents, it provided an opportunity to highlight Mimaki’s deep interest in the region and to provide our dealers and distributors with ideas about how they can use the Center to grow their businesses and those of their customers. We are very excited about making this wonderful resource available here in Istanbul.”

PSI 2014

Mimaki to Take PSI Dusseldorf Exhibit to New Levels

Amsterdam, December 12, 2013

UJF-6042Mimaki today announced that it will be exhibiting at PSI in Dusseldorf, the leading European promotional products trade show. The show kicks off 2014 for the promotional products industry, running from 8th through 10th January, 2014. Mimaki will be offering attendees a hands-on opportunity to produce their own work on Mimaki printers during the event.
“Attendees at PSI will have the opportunity to see how their businesses can be augmented by on-demand printing of promotional products,” said Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA, Mimaki Europe B.V. “We invite them to bring their own images for production on the trade show floor. We will also be conducting live demos showing how to print on canvas. We believe we are on the start of an analog-to-digital transformation of the promotional products industry, and attendees at the show will be able to experience this first-hand.”

Mimaki will be featuring its latest technology for the promotional products industry at the show, including:

  • UJF-3042 and UJF-6042. The UJF family of flatbed printers achieves a more precise and vivid image quality that is normally only found in more costly printers. Reaching 1800×1800 dpi resolution and a variable dot with a minimum size of 4 picolitres, it guarantees smoother gradations. Quality can also be enhanced with the application of glossy or matte finish clear ink, and multi-layered print can be achieved by overprinting an area several times. The UJF-3042 desktop flatbed printer has a print area of 300x420mm, while the larger UFJ-6042 handles sizes up to A2. Both offer environmentally friendly LED curing, 6-color process color, multiple ink options, and the ability to print on substrates up to 150mm thick.
  • JV33 Series. This affordable, high performance, roll-to-roll multifunction inkjet printer features high quality printing at up to 1,440 dpi with 4- or 6-color printing. It supports multiple ink types, including two solvent inks with high scratch resistance, high density, wide color gamut and a high safety factor. Users may also choose to use aqueous pigment ink or dye sublimation ink at the time of installation. With a maximum print width of 1610mm, the JV33 series prints up to 17.5 square meters per hour and offers stable feeding of media up to 25kg.

“The promotional products business is an exciting place to be as companies take advantage of new technologies to be even more creative with their offerings,” Horsten added. “We expect to wow attendees with our on-demand capabilities and have a great deal of fun at the same time.”

Mimaki will be located in a 107 square meter booth in hall 12 stand B13 (Technology Forum) of the PSI Show.

Digital Textile Conference 2014

Mimaki Secures Prestigious Speaking Engagement at Digital Textile Conference to Be Held During Heimtextil

Amsterdam, December 12, 2013

Mike HorstenMimaki today announced that it will be participating in the Digital Textile Conference held in conjunction with Heimtextil, the international trade fair for home and contract textiles scheduled for 8 to 11 January 2014 in Frankfurt. Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA, Mimaki Europe B.V., will be presenting a session entitled “How to Make Money by Digitally Producing Textiles”. Sessions will take place at 10:25 AM on Thursday, January 9th, 2014.

“We are extremely pleased to be given a speaking opportunity at this prestigious event,” Horsten said. “It reflects the credibility Mimaki has in the textile industry. With all of the recent advances in digital textile printing, we look forward to educating the audience about the new opportunities these technologies offer for streamlining various stages of the textile manufacturing process and for introducing new, innovative products into the market.”

Heimtextil is the first major trade event in the new year and therefore one of the biggest and most important platforms for manufacturers, retailers and designers. “We expect conference attendance to be robust with all of the current interest in the impact of digital inkjet printing on the home and contract textile business. As has happened in many other industries, this industry is undergoing an analog-to-digital transformation in which Mimaki is playing a significant role. We are excited about sharing new information with attendees which we believe they will be able to put to use right away.”

The conference will take place in ROOM Europa 4.0 at the Messe Frankfurt.

Mimaki Americas the 3rd A in a row of my travel experiences

Mimaki pertama

After some time traveling around the world, (visiting London, Asia, Africa) I have finally managed to make time and travel across the big pond to our Mimaki USA friends. Before visiting them I took the opportunity to travel via Washington DC to see the US Capital, sadly when I arrived at the White House, the President was not home because I had lots of things to discuss with him. Then I took the Amtrac train to New York City the BIG Apple. I was able to see the Statue of Liberty and it was a great experience. After a busy day in New York I took the opportunity to relax a bit and watch the late night movie in Bryant Park in Manhattan.

But it’s not all fun and play, I had to do some real work so I left New York City and took the plane to Atlanta, our USA headquarters. I was welcomed by my Mimaki USA friends and we discussed many topics that are important to me like the new Latex LX101 inks, the brand new JFX200-2513 LED-UV entry level flatbed that they just showed at the SGIA Show in Orland Florida and the JV400-SUV Printer. The response from USA customers to these new developments are as good as in my home region EMEA.

Well that’s all for now, have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my Mimaki Friends around the world.


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