9 April, 2024

How green certifications play a key role in reducing your business’ environmental impact, By Mustafa Okanovic, Senior Product Specialist, Mimaki Europe Despite a growing commitment to sustainability, the textile industry remains one of the most polluted sectors globally. The extensive use of chemicals, water, and energy in textile manufacturing processes contributes significantly to pollution, waste, […]

12 March, 2024

Technologies new and old are helping revolutionise the luxury packaging industry, allowing for printing direct-to-object on any shaped surface or substrate, and in any colour or effect. The Luxury Landscape Gold and silver are colours synonymous with luxury and riches. “Worth its weight in gold” and “silver lining” are common sayings denoting the status of […]

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13 February, 2024

by Marc Verbeem, Supervisor Product Management, Mimaki Europe. To be at the top of the food chain, you need advantages so you can not only survive but thrive in your sector. Today’s sublimation market is increasingly favouring high-volume, high-speed models, which currently make up 75% of the market1. Mimaki’s industrial-scale sublimation transfer inkjet printer, the […]


28 September, 2023

Printing companies are striving to be more sustainable and cost-effective in today’s volatile climate. Mimaki identified ink as instrumental in helping businesses achieve their sustainability objectives. As a result, securing prestigious Nordic Ecolabel approval for the innovative and affordable BS4 eco-solvent ink becomes all the more significant. This demonstrates Mimaki’s commitment to reducing its environmental […]

22 September, 2023

By Mustafa Okanovic, Senior Product Specialist, Mimaki Europe In today’s competitive market, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses seeking success. Here at Mimaki we are committed to create a more efficient and advanced industrial printing sector. With that in mind, we developed our latest large format LED-UV flatbed printer, the JFX600-2513, which […]

6 July, 2023

by Marc Verbeem, Supervisor Product Management, Mimaki Europe In the printing industry, direct-to-film technology is having a transformative impact on the apparel decoration space. It provides a simple and affordable garment printing process that facilitates vibrant, dynamic, full-colour designs with a durable print. It opens up opportunities for digital print service providers (PSPs) to expand […]


17 May, 2023

Among the most popular media and with the greatest expressive power, wood has been confirmed as the principal material for interior decoration and more, thanks to new opportunities offered by finishing using digital printing. Wood is both an ancient and modern material at the same time. Featuring great expressive power that meets the requirements of […]

15 March, 2023

By Mustafa Okanovic, Sr. Product Specialist, Mimaki Europe Over the last decade, the adoption of digital printing has accelerated and this technology is even becoming a popular option for the future of industrial-scale printing. However, the best type of ink to use in this sector is still debated, and the decision depends largely on the […]


2 February, 2023

With advancements in digital printing, Mimaki’s latest UV curable inks offer car wrappers a revolutionary new way to upgrade your ride. Car wrapping has become more creative and experimental than ever before. Today’s current trends see vivid new textures, bright colours, and bold patterns adorning vehicles all over the world, which look to remain popular […]

car wrapping

17 November, 2022

– Steve Cory, Founder Objex Unlimited, outlines his thoughts on previous and current trends in the 3D Printing market, and how he expects the market to develop over the coming years – The first person in Canada to receive a Mimaki 3DUJ-2207, Steve Cory now owns two 3DUJ-553 printers, and has gone on to become […]

mimaki 3D printer

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