Mimaki cutters

CF2 Series (Flatbed)

CF2 Series

CF2 Series Flatbed Cutting Plotter with Outstanding Value

Mimaki CF2 printer

The Mimaki CF2 series cuts a wide range of media using a variety of heads and blades. The heads can be equipped with a tangential cutter, reciprocal cutter, marking gauge roller and swivel cutter, depending on the material that needs to be cut. Two machine sizes are available: CF2-0912 (90 x 120 cm) and CF2-1218 (120 x 180 cm).

CF2 Series delivers •••

  • Two cutting heads are available with a wide range of blades to choose from
  • Precise contour cutting with the patented Mimaki colour photo sensor
  • Half-Cut; by adjusting the depth of cutter blade, you can for instance Half-Cut composite, laminated material
  • Air suction unit to hold down the media
  • Ideal print and cut solution with Sign graphics and Industrial printers


Applications of the CF2 Series

CF2 Series is very suitable to cut sign boards in combination with the UJV-160 Hybrid UV Printer. Also CF2 is suitable to cut packaging carton and other industrial type of applications, such as gaskets.

Examples of applications

  • 3D logos
  • Buttons
  • Fashion accessories (belts)
  • ID cards
  • Operation panels
  • Gasket for in between machine parts
  • Packaging materials
  • POS displays
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Signboards and display materials
  • Toys

Suitable cutting materials

Depending on head type and blade type

  • Channel board
  • Coated board for packaging
  • Corrugated fibreboard (E to A corrugation)
  • Industrial sheet rubber (max. 3 mm)
  • Paste board
  • Pattern happort
  • Plastic corrugated fibreboard
  • Reflective sheet
  • Sandblast rubber
  • Styrene board
  • Teflon (1-5 mm)
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl chloride for packaging
  • Vinyl chloride sheet for signboard

As materials can differ depending on the manufacturer, the suitability of the material should be tested.


Features of CF2 Series

Two cutting heads : TD and RC

The two available heads for CF2 series (TD and RC) can be equipped with different kinds of blades depending on the media to be cut. Any suitable blade available on the market can be mounted.

Tangential cutter
The tangential cutter steers the blades as it cuts. The motor controlled blade lifts and turns to start every cut at the exact angle. Both die cutting and half-cutting are possible. The tangential cutter enables cutting materials up to 1 cm thickness. Various materials, ranging from soft to rigid, can be cut.

Reciprocal cutter
A reciprocal cutter is a cutting system that is characterised by up-and-down movements of the cutter blade (7000 times per minute) in addition to tangential cutting. The reciprocal cutter is especially suitable to cut corrugated board, cardboard and foam materials up to 2 cm thickness.

Head composition

Mimaki’s patented colour photo sensor

The patented Mimaki colour photo sensor reads registration marks that are printed on the media to enhance precise contour cutting of complex shapes. More precision is obtained by automatic correction of alignment and distances between the cutting data and the output. The light pointers can also be used to precisely position the media on the table.

Other useful functions of CF2 Series

Adjusting the depth of the cutter blade will enable users to die cut composite, laminated materials. Back cutting and repeated cutting are also possible with CF2 series. Other strong features include correction of starting and ending points, as well as press correction to ensure complete cutting and circle correction for cutting a nearly perfect circle.

User-friendly plug-in software

The CF2 series is included with FineCut plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW for Windows XP and Vista.


Specifications of CF2 Series

Head configurations TD A Pen / swivel cutter 20 – 400g
Tangential cutter 300 – 1,500g
Marking gauge roller 1,000 – 5,000g
RC A Reciprocal cutter 1,500g fixed
B Tangential cutter 500 – 1,500g
C High pressure tangential cutter/ marking gauge roller 1,000 – 5,000g
Effective cutting area CF2-0912: 117 x 90 cm
CF2-1218: 177 x 120 cm
Motorization X, Y, Z, Ø axes DC servo
Maximum speed 50 cm/s
Accuracy of repeatability Plus minus 0.1 mm
Maximum cutting depth TD 1 cm
RC 2 cm
Media fixation Table with vacuum system and blower function
Interface RS-232C
Power consumption Main unit less than 300 VA,
blower: stated separately
Dimensions (w x d x h) CF2-0912: 176 x 160 x 110 cm
CF2-1218: 236 x 190 x 110 cm
Weight CF2-0912: 140 kg
CF2-1218: 180 kg


Downloads of CF2 Series

Please download the Mimaki CF2 Series brochure below.