UCJV300-160 Promotion

Fall into added savings with this flash offer as part of our UCJV300-160 promotion We are offering the UCJV300-160 promotion for a limited amount of time, featuring: a special trade-in offer* *This promotion is only valid within the EMEA region and may differ per country. Please complete the form below to get more information about […]

CJV300/JV300 + RL6 Training

Agenda of training Training will be given in French language Introduction Machine installation Firmware Software Trainer Nicolas Chamalet

New clear ink enhances versatility for Mimaki’s award-winning UCJV300 series

Clear ink added to the GREENGUARD Gold certified LUS-170 UV-LED curable inks Mimaki today announces the availability of new LUS-170 Clear Ink to be used on the UCJV300 Series. The additional LUS-170 clear ink offers a host of new design possibilities and expands business opportunities by creating compelling displays using gloss, matte or textured finish. […]

Staying in the Fast Lane with UCJV300

On-Demand Car Wrapping with UV Print Technology MTR Indoor Outdoor Signing, a sign maker located in Limburg, The Netherlands, recently invested in the UCJV300-160, the latest large format, UV LED curable integrated printing/cutting machine from Mimaki. One month in, owner Marco Tobben wonders how they ever managed without it. Always in the Fast Lane Tobben […]

Mimaki introduces innovative print & cut systems defining the future for the all-round sign maker: UCJV300-160 & UCJV150-160

UCJV300-160 & UCJV150-160: “Unique 4-layer printing for day/night view, integrated cutting, newly developed LUS-170 UV inks enabling immediate finishing, broader application possibilities and increasing variety of supported print media” Amsterdam, September 11, 2017 Mimaki today announced the launch of the Mimaki UCJV300-160 and UCJV150-160 roll-to-roll UV LED printing and cutting solutions. These two systems add […]

CJV300 & RL Training

Agenda of training Introduction Machine installation Firmware Software Trainer Nicolas Chamallet

Firmware updater 2.0 for JV300/150 and CJV300/150 Series

JV300/150, CJV300/150 series Request for updating firmware Regarding JV300/150 and CJV300/150 series, countermeasure firmware against error troubles was released. (JV300/150: Ver.1.61, CJV300/150: Ver.1.51) We would like to ask you to update the firmware yourself. Downloading the installer for updating F/W (JV300/150 v1.61 CJV300/150 v1.51) 1.Fixed defects where error by hardware 2.Fixed defects that returns to […]

CJV300 Series

[wptabs style=”wpui-narrow” mode=”horizontal”] [wptabtitle] CJV300 Series[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent] Mimaki CJV300 Series: high-speed, integrated printer/cutter Mimaki’s latest integrated printer/cutter delivers new levels of creativity with versatile and vibrant ink types, including new Silver, Orange and Light Black. CJV300 Series achieves the highest print speeds in its class, with innovative technologies ensuring unrivalled output quality for signmakers, display […]

CJV300 Fact sheet

Inkjet printer/cutter with silver ink Imagination to Creation Product outline Silver ink creates high-value-added printing Newly developed SS21 silver ink delivers brilliant print results. The metallic colour collection contains 648 colours. Orange and light black inks ensure faithful colour representation SS21 orange ink is suitable for representing the vibrancy of fresh foods as well as […]