TX300P-1800 MkII

The all-in-one textile solution

Uniquely designed with versatility at its core, this printer enables both direct-to-textile and transfer printing. Combined with interchangeable print platens and three different ink combinations, it offers unrivalled flexibility within a single system. It affords all of the well-known benefits of digital print technology, including more cost-effective short runs and faster turnarounds. Such benefits are not attainable using analogue print methods, which are still prevalent in the modern textile printing industry; benefits that make this technology ideal for sampling.

Unique hybrid functionality
Three different double ink combos
Interchangeable platen to print on transfer paper
  • Choose from sublimation, disperse, reactive and textile pigment inks
  • Advanced Textile Feeding Mechanism for optimum fabric tension
  • Mimaki MBIS3 Bulk Ink System and large volume ink packs
  • Latest Mimaki MAPS Advanced Pass System
  • Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) for reliable continuous print operation
  • High head gap setting for thick and woven textiles


Fashion and Apparel, Sportswear, Scarves and Silk Ties, Bags, Home Furnishing and Upholstery Fabrics, Flags and Soft Signage, Textile Retail, PoS, Exhibition Graphics and much more…

Specifications and ink types of TX300P-1800 MkII



ItemTx300P-1800 MkII
PrintheadOn-demand piezo head (4 in-line printheads)
Print resolution360 dpi, 540 dpi, 720 dpi, 1,080 dpi, 1,440 dpi
Maximum print widthTextile 1,920 mm (75.6″) / Paper 1,940 mm (76.4″)
Maximum media widthTextile 1,920 mm (75.6″) / 1,950 mm (76.8″)
InkType/ColorSublimation dye ink (Transfer): Sb411 (Bl, M, Y, K) (*)
Sublimation dye ink (Direct): Sb420 (Bl, M, Y, K, Lbl, Lm)
Textile pigment ink: TP400 (C, M, Y, K, Bl, R, Lk)
Disperse dye ink: DD400 (C, M, Y, K, R, Gray, Violet, Pink)
Reactive dye ink: Rc400, Rc500 (C, M, Y, K, Bl, R, Or, Lk)
Acid dye ink: Ac400 (C, M, Y, K, Bl, R, Or, Lk)
Package size2L Ink pack
Media thickness1.0 mm or less
Rolled media weight40 kg (88 lb) or less / 34 kg (75 lb) or less (when using one-inch holder unit of 1,800mm wide)
Please note that the above maximum weight applies on a printed roll including ink weight.
Media typeNatural fiber (Cotton, Silk, Hemp)
Chemical fiber (Polyester, Nylon) *Excluding elastic media
CertificationsVCCI class A, FCC class A, ETL IEC 60950-1,
CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage, Machinery directive, and RoHS),
CB, REACH, Energy Star, RCM, and EAC
InterfaceUSB 2.0 Hi-speed / Ethernet 1000BASE-T
Power supplySingle-phase AC100 – 120V / AC200 – 240V
Power consumptionAC100V: 1.44kW / AC200V: 1.92kW
Operational environmentTemperature: 20 – 30 °C (68 – 86 °F)
Humidity: 35 – 65% Rh (Non condensing)
Dimensions (W × D × H)3,200 x 965 x 1,857 mm (126 x 38 x 73 “)
Weight260 kg (573.2 lb)

* “Sublimation dye ink (transfer)” only when the hybrid ink set is selected

Ink Types

Ink typeNameFeaturesApplicationsFabric
PigmentTP400Easy process. Simply heat fixate after printing. Steaming, washing, drying processes are not required.Home textile




SublimationSb411High performance, economical sublimation transfer ink. The ink is fixed on the polyester fabric by sublimation at high temperatures.Sportswear


Home textile

Sb420Printable directly on fabric. Easy operation without having to use transfer paperSoftsignage


Home textile

DisperseDd400Superior fastness by applying high temperature fixationFlags

Industrial textile

Home textile

High-end fashion




ReactiveRc400Rc400 produces vivid color, and have light/water/rubbing fastness, since dyestuff molecule bonds with fibersFashionCotton




AcidAc400Vivid color on animal fibers, synthetic fibers including nylonFashionSilk




Our Sb420 & Sb411 inks are ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified.