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TRAPIS, Revolution in Textile Printing

Eco-friendly and versatile textile printing made easy

Diverse and sustainable textile printing for a greener tomorrow

TRAPIS, short for Transfer Pigment System, is a groundbreaking waterless digital textile printing technology developed by Mimaki. This waterless technology is eco-friendly, efficient, and versatile.

TRAPIS provides a simple two-step process, consisting of a Mimaki TS330 printer with a TP ink set, heater unit and a calender (allowing a pressure of 5-8 bar). The design of choice is printed by the TS330 onto Mimaki Texcol paper, which is then transferred to the fabric via a calender.

Unlike both analogue and digital conventional dye-printing methods, TRAPIS enables printing and commercialisation with virtually no water.

Diverse and sustainable textile printing for a greener tomorrow

TRAPIS eliminates fabric type restrictions. Unlike traditional methods, it delivers vibrant designs on all fabric types – from cotton to polyester, natural to synthetic – while reducing waste water by up to 90% and cutting the carbon footprint by up to 92% compared to traditional methods.

With its unparalleled flexibility, textile manufacturers can run dynamic production and deliver short runs in no time. Ideal for eco-conscious businesses, TRAPIS is user-friendly and perfect for on-demand production.

Unique features

  • Versatility...
    Print on any fabric for a wide range of applications, from apparel to home décor.
    TRAPIS can print on a wide range of fabrics, from natural fibers such as cotton and silk to synthetics such as polyester or nylon. This eliminates limitations for manufacturers and designers.
  • Sustainability ...
    Eliminate water waste by 90% and reduce the environmental footprint.
    TRAPIS significantly reduces water consumption (up to 90%) and the carbon footprint (up to 92%) compared to traditional methods.
  • Simplicity...
    Easy-to-use system reduces training needs and operating costs.
    TRAPIS offers an easy-to-use system that eliminates the need for complex training, making it suitable for smaller production facilities or on-demand printing.
  • Flexibility ...
    Print short runs or production on demand, minimising stock costs.
    The system is designed for both short and long runs, allowing manufacturers to quickly adapt to changing trends and minimize inventory.
TRAPIS can print on a wide range of fabrics
TRAPIS significantly reduces water consumption
Water consumption is reduced by up to 90%
TRAPIS offers an easy-to-use system that eliminates the need for complex training
The system is designed for both short and long runs
Supports sustainable textile printing businesses

TP410: Next generation textile pigment Ink

Vibrant Colours, Superior Fastness, Flexible Application

TP410 is a new generation textile pigment ink designed for printing on a wide range of fabrics using the innovative TRAPIS transfer technology.

With vibrant colours and exceptional light and wash fastness, TP410 offers textile manufacturers confidence and flexibility for premium applications without the constraints of expensive or complicated printing processes.

Available in a convenient 8-colour set packaged in 2-litre vacuum bags, TP410 meets the industry’s most stringent standards, including ZDHC3 level and bluesign® approval.

led-uv ink UJV100-160 UV printer
bluesign logo

For even more confidence

our TP410 eco-friendly ink is bluesign® APPROVED and ZDHC MRSL Lv.3 certified

Mimaki TP410 ink is bluesign® APPROVED and ZDHC MRSL Lv.3 certified, meeting the highest sustainability standards. These certifications ensure responsible use of resources, minimal environmental impact and worker safety, paving the way for eco-friendly textile printing solutions.

This printer includes Mimaki Core Technologies that offer the best print quality, maximum productivity and reduced exposure to risks that can delay production. See below list of core technologies that are included in TRAPIS.


Productivity & Convenience

Quality printing

Printer: Inkjet Printer

Sublimation Transfer Inkjet Printer
Special firmware is required due to the use of dedicated ink
TRAPIS heater option (sold separately)Optional heater attachment is required (sold separately)
ItemTS330-1600 FOR TRAPIS
InterfaceEthernet 1000 BASE-T (Recommend) / USB2.0 Hi-speed
Power SupplySingle-phase AC100-120 / 200-240V±10%, 50/60Hz±1Hz
Power Consumption2,880W or less
Dimensions (WxDxH)3,170 x 820 x 1,305 mm (124.8 x 32.3 x 51.4″)
Weight240 kg (529.1 lb)
Max heater temp60℃

Dedicated Ink: Highly safe ECO textile pigment ink

Textile Pigment InkThe 8-colour set expresses a wide range of colours. Compared to conventional textile pigment printing, it achieves the same colour reproduction with less ink usage. Excellent safety and environmental friendliness.

Dedicated Transfer Paper: Pigment transfer paper

Pigment transfer paperDedicated transfer paper with a special coating on its surface for textile pigment ink transfer. Prints efficiently with less ink usage. ECO-PASSPORT certification is planned, it has proven to be highly safe and can be used for a variety of textile application.

Dedicated Transfer Machine: Transfer machine

ItemTransfer machine
Higher pressure transfer machine for pigment transferPlease contact Mimaki’s sales office or distributors for compatible manufacturer and product models.

Software RIP

Software RIP designed for digital textile production.

TxLink5 Lite
TxLink5 Lite is the new generation of RIP software designed specifically for advanced textile printing, enhancing the performance of the TRAPIS system to a new level.


Textile pigment ink

TP410 textile pigment ink, designed for the TRAPIS transferring system, offers a wide colour range with 8 colorus. It achieves equal colour reproduction using less ink compared to conventional textile pigment printing, ensuring excellent light and washing fastness.

2L ink in vacuum-sealed pouches
8 colours: M, C, Y, K, Re, Gr, Bl, Lk
Ink type
Textile pigment ink for organic or synthetic fabrics: cotton, hemp, nylon, polyester, canvas, wool, silk, or blends.

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