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JV330-160 Solvent Printer and
CJV330-160 Solvent
Print & Cut

(C)JV330-160 Solvent Printer

With the strong heritage of its predecessor, the (C)JV330-160 has been designed and developed from the ground up, featuring many new features and innovations, further improving both image quality and productivity, setting the new benchmark in Sign graphics.

Unique features

  • Media Changer...
    space saving system that can hold three rolls of media and fast media change by a single operator.
    Allowing three different rolls of media to be placed on the printer, media change between jobs is done much faster with less manpower.
  • XY Slitter...
    inline sheet-fed cutting system that reduces post-processing.
    With the option to trim media in both X and Y directions, while compensating for possible misalignment, it speeds up workflows and offers fast and accurate finishing solutions.
  • Improved Operation ...
    throughput is increased while operator mistakes are reduced, thanks to new and improved functionalities.
    With new functionalities added, operation is improved. Whether it is the V-shaped cutting function preventing media skewing, the newly developed cloth wiper keeping the print head area clean, or the panel app for remote access, the (C)JV330-160 makes it easy.
  • Improved quality...
    high precision print quality with newly developed Mimaki technology.
    Introducing a new ink drop technology which minimises individual head imperfections (in addition to VDP, MFD, MAPS and WFC), an enhanced ink circulation system and a new input profile pursuing natural skin tones, the (C)JV330-160 offers superior image quality.
Media slitter
media changer
Media changer
Fabric wiper
Mimaki Weaving Dot Technology

Solvent inks

for superior quality

The (C)JV330-160 can be configured with different ink-sets to be based on application requirements.

Mimaki’s SS21 Mild solvent ink-type, available in a 4-colour (productivity), 6-colour (transparent media) and 8-colour (widest colour gamut) configuration, is known for its excellent quality, weatherability and rub-fastness.

Mimaki’s BS4 Mild solvent ink-type, only available in a 4-colour configuration (productivity), is known for its fast drying, less odour and cost effectiveness.With this new printer, Mimaki offers a solution for any application requirement, making the (C)JV330-160 a versatile solution.


For even more confidence

our products are GREENGUARD GOLD certified

GREENGUARD GOLD certified products meet the rigorous standards for low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ensures that a product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities without polluting the indoor air quality.

Mimaki’s SS21 and BS4 inks are GREENGUARD GOLD certified.

This printer includes Mimaki Core Technologies that offer the best print quality, maximum productivity and reduced exposure to risks that can delay production. See below list of core technologies that are included in the (C)JV330-160.

For continued productivity

For quality printing

For superior cutting*

*CJV330-160 only

ItemJV330-160, CJV330-160
PrinterSize expansionJV330-160
HeadX,Y resolutionY: 600dpi, 800dpi, 1200dpi;
X: 600dpi, 900 dpi, 1200, 1800dpi
Ink typeCompatible inkSS21 / BS4
Compatible ink set
MediaMax. media width160: 1,620mm
Max. drawing width160: 1,610mm
Print marginRight and left: 15mm (Minimum 5mm)
Forward and backward: 70mm (Minimum 10mm)
Max. load capacity3 rolls (Media Changer)
Max. roll weight1 roll: max. 45kg or less
3 rolls: Total 90kg or less
Roll outline250mm or less
Paper tube inner diameter2 inches / 3 inches
Winding deviceIncluded
Media cuttingIncluded
OtherHeaterPRE/PRINT/POST: 50° / 45° / 60°
Head gapManual 3-step (2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0)
Ink circulationCirculation in damper MCTv2
Cleaning cartridgeIncluded
Missing nozzle detectionIncluded
Automatic correction (DAS)Included
In-flight lightingIncluded
InterfaceRecommended: Ethernet 1000 BASE-T
USB 2.0 Hi-speed
NoiseStandby: 45dB or less
Operating continuous sound: 59dB or less
Applicable standardsIEC 62368-1 compliant ETLCB, CE (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive, Machinery Directive, RoHS Directive) REACH, VCCI Class A, FCC Class AEAC, KC, RCM, UKCA, EnergyStar
Power specificationsMax unit Single phase: AC100~120V/200~240V±10% 50/60Hz±HZ x2
Power consumptionMAX: [Inlet1] 1,440w or less (AC100-120, AC200-240V)
[Inlet2] 1,440w or less (AC100-120, AC200-240V)
Std.: [Inlet1] 800w
[Inlet2] 750w
Min.: [Inlet1] 4.5w or less (Sleep)
[Inlet2] —
Equipment environmentWaste ink tank (2,000 cc)
Waste ink disposalRasterLink7, Remote access
SoftwareSpeed: Max. 300mm/s
Acceleration: Max. 0.5G
CJV330 Cutting functionCutting speed and acceleration10~450gf
Cutting pressure10 times/sec
Cutter response time± 0.2mm
Repetition accuracy32MB
Receive buffer memoryMGL-II c2
Command1. Die-cut, 2. ID cut support, 3. Continuous toner reading, 4. Intermediate trim mark function
OtherWaste ink tank (2,000cc)

Software RIP

The primary task of RIP (Raster Image Processor) software is to convert the different formats of the file to be printed into data that the printer “understands” as raster data.

Mimaki’s software RIP, RasterLink 7, comes in the box free of charge.


Mild Solvent Ink

Cost effective, fast drying, and certified solvent ink

2 litre ink pack
4 colours: CMYK
Ink type
Mild Solvent ink for indoor and outdoor applications and point-of-sale.


Mild Solvent Ink

Benchmark high quality mild solvent ink with excellent weather ability and rub-fastness

2 litre ink pack
500ml pack for White ink
4 colours: CMYK
6 colours: CMYK Lm Lc W W
8 colours: CMYK Lm Lc Lk Or
Ink type
Mild solvent ink for long lasting indoor and outdoor applications and vehicle wrappings.

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