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Easy Template Software

Simplify the creation of instant POPs and in-store decoration design with Simple POP

Template Software for instant POPs and in-store decoration design

Enhancing your creativity starts with the right software! “Simple POP” is our original software that specialises in creating POP and in-store decorations, designed through a simple operation using templates. Templates tailored for specific applications enable the easy creation of a wide variety of templates including swing POP displays, price cards, posters and banners. While print and cut data for POP in-store decorations such as wall stickers, window signs, magnet sheets and tapestries can be created easily.

What makes Simple POP template software so great?

  • Wide variety of templates...
    tailored for specific applications enable easy creation
    By selecting a template suited to each application and editing the text, swing POP ads, price cards, banners, seals and window signs and can be easily created, even by those who have no experience in using design software.

    Simply select a base design from the existing templates or saved data files. Edit all text, images, colours, symbols and fonts to suit. To start the print and cut, send the data from Simple POP to your printer.
  • Print and cut data...
    can be created easily
    All “Simple POP” templates have pre-installed cut data, which enables you to perform your print and cut operations in-house by outputting such data using a Mimaki Print & Cut machine. The cutting function enables automatic and proper production of displays even in various forms, which take additional time and effort when manually cut.
  • Automatic cutting ...
    improves work efficiency
    “Simple POP” data can be created easily with the print & cut process automatically performed by a Mimaki Print & Cut machine. This saves time for other tasks and improves work efficiency.
  • White ink...
    to print on transparent, coloured or metallic media
    Using white ink as a base for colour prints on transparent, coloured or metallic media helps increase ink colour development and achieve beautiful prints.
Window signage
Integrated Print & Cut
Print and Cut combination

A Simple Workflow

with Simple POP

Step 1: Select your design – from a range of provided templates or a previously created design.

Step 2: Edit your design – adjust the text, images and colours to suit.

Step 3: Print & Cut – send the data from Simple Pop to a printer!


tailored to specific applications enable easy creation

Templates – can be chosen based on applications, purposes or events.

Editing text – can be easily changed and added by selecting the wanted text. In addition to OS fonts, there are more than 200 Simple POP original fonts to choose from.

Editing image files – existing or dropped images (jpg or bmp files) can be resized, rotated and moved with a simple click of the mouse.

Editing graphic symbols – several graphic symbols such as circles, polygons, triangles, quadrangles and stars can be inserted and easily edited with a simple mouse click. Tools including resizing, rotation and colour change are available.

Cutting images (masking function) – images can be cut out in self-contained graphic forms.

Hardware Requirements

OSWindows10 (32/64bit), Windows11 (64bit)
CPUIntel®Core™i3-4130K(3.4GHz) or faster
ChipsetIntel® genuine chipset
Memory2GB or more
HDD/SSD160GB or more
InterfaceEthernet / USB2.0
Compatible modelUCJV150/300 Series, CJV150/300 Series, CJV300 Plus Series, CJV330 Series, CG-AR Series *1
Compatible RIPRasterLink7 (Ver.2.1.0 or later) *2
RasterLink6Plus (Ver.2.6 or later) *3
*1 CG-AR Series have no print function. When outputting a cut from the CG-AR series, supported plotter driver is required.
*2 RasterLink7 does not support UCJV150-160.
*3 RasterLink6Plus does not support CJV330 Series.

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