Mimaki Profile Master III

Advanced colour management system

Mimaki Profile Master III (MPM3) colour-management software provides upgraded colour representation with excellent colour reproducibility

  • Advanced device profile creation capability
  • “Mimaki Expand Color” for excellent colour reproducibility
  • Accurate colour matching across multiple printers
  • Reproduce equivalent colours across different printer models
  • Calibrate to maintain print colour quality over time
  • User-friendly interface

Features – Mimaki Profile Master III

Profile creation

Colour reproducibility

Advanced device profile creation capability: Improving colour representation of the print:

  • MPM3 creates and edits high-quality ICC profiles for Mimaki printers
  • ICC device profiles enhance and standardize printer output for all printing materials and inks, improving the color representation of the printer

MPM3 accommodates “Mimaki Expand Colour”, a new input profile of RasterLink6 to deliver excellent colour reproducibility with high-contrast colour shades:

  • High-contrast colour shades make the print more impressive
  • High density and powerful color reproducibility suitable for outdoor signage


User-friendly interface:

  • No colour management knowledge required
  • Easy-to-follow wizard
  • Easily create device profiles

Useful functions for easy profile customization:

  • The Grey Component Replacement (GCR) of black color can be easily modified to match the clients’ needs

Colour matching


Maintain constant print colour quality from a single printer by measuring colour differences with a colorimeter, ideal for the delivery of repeated orders:

  • Printed colour of an inkjet printer can be affected by factors such as print head replacement or environment condition change
  • Calibration function of MPM3 adjusts the device profile to achieve the initial colour
  • No knowledge needed about colour management: Colour differences are automatically calculated by measuring colour charts using a colorimeter. Since the differences are described as numerical, anyone without expert knowledge can reocgnise and correct colour differences.


Matching colours across the same printer models:

  • Colour differences between multiple printers* are simply equalized by measuring colour charts for accurate colour matching
  • This capability allows the same image to be printed on multiple printers with the same colour output quality
  • Enables large-lot orders to be completed within short time-frames


Matching colours across different printer models:

  • New emulation function to reproduce equivalent colours across different printer models and makes
  • Colour matching with a target printer is possible regardless of its model or brand
  • Even after replacing the printer, the colour produced by the former printer is reproduced with the new Mimaki printer
  • Measures a printer’s colour charts using a colorimeter, eliminating colour matching issues when replacing or adding printers

The difference between “Equalization” and “Emulation”

  • Equalization: Eliminates colour differences across the same model: The printer model, the ink set, media and resolution has to be the same
  • Emulation: Colour matching possible across different models: Regardless of the brand, models, ink set, media and resolution



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