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Professional Cutting Software

Simplify creating and editing cutting data with FineCut/Coat9

Plug-in cutting software to enhance the potential of cutting plotters

Creating professional graphics starts with the right software!

FineCut/Coat9 software is the latest generation plug-in for Mimaki cutting plotters to meet the highly demanding professional requirements of custom layouts and high-precision contour cutting. This software product has wide functionality, allows you to maximise the innovative potential of Mimaki cutting equipment and supports all current cutting functions.

Supporting both Adobe® Illustrator® and CorelDraw® on Windows and Macintosh platforms, it is a crucial and user-friendly work tool for every sign maker.

What makes FineCut/Coat9 cutting software so great?

  • Supports third-party job output ...
    for laser engravers.
    The output of cutting jobs to third-party laser engravers is now supported.

    Users of Mimaki cutting equipment can use the FineCut9 plugin to work on laser engravers in the same way they are using the Mimaki plotters.
  • ID-Cut*...
    for optimised print/cut processes.
    Automatic cutting is made possible by the printed barcode and the recognition of that identification information by the cutter.

    This feature automatically determines the correct orientation of the loaded media, reducing wastage of media, ink and time due to communication errors and incorrectly loaded media.

    *Applicable models: CJV300 Plus, UCJV300/150, CG-FXII Plus, CF22-1225, and CFL-605RT.
  • Frame and Outline Extraction...
    for automatic frame creation.
    Frame extraction allows automatic frame creation (cutting line) according to the characteristics of the object.

    In the case of elements that have a closed shape (for example, in some letters), work efficiency is increased since the frame can be created simultaneously both inside and outside the graphic areas.

    Outline extraction makes an easy and quick outline directly on bitmap files such as BMP, JPEG and TIFF.
  • Independent registration...
    of each material parameter.
    When cutting hard or thick materials, it sometimes happens that they are not cut at once.

    A predefined setting for different types of materials will simplify and speed up the cutting process in the most optimal way.

    Additional settings such as the number of cutting times, speed, tool pressure, and other parameters for a single cutting line are features of FineCut9 that optimises the cutting of each material.
Die Cut
Crop Marks Cut
Industrial Cut
ID Cut
Seamless Print and Cut

What’s new?

FineCut/Coat9 supports the output of cutting jobs to third-party laser engravers.

Users of Mimaki cutting equipment can use the FineCut9 plugin to work on laser engravers in the same way they are using the Mimaki plotters.

Installation without CD – The FineCut/Coat9 installation procedure does not require a CD-ROM drive. The installation file can be easily downloaded from the Mimaki website and installed on the PC.

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Installing FineCut/Coat9

The FineCut/Coat9 plug-in installer is now downloadable from the Mimaki website

The downloaded installer can be used for a new installation of FineCut9 using the serial key included in a package of the new cutting plotter, or for an upgrade from an earlier version.

NEW Installation
After downloading the software from the Mimaki website, you will need to enter the serial number. The serial number for FineCut/Coat9 can be found in the packaging of your new cutter.

UPGRADE from previous versions
Previous versions of FineCut can be upgraded to the latest version of FineCut/Coat9 free of charge by generating the serial key using an earlier version of the FineCut CD.

Hardware Requirements

OSMicrosoft® Windows® 7/8.1/10Mac OS X 10.7.5 to 10.11,
MacOS 10.12 to 11
SoftwareAdobe® Illustrator®CS6 / CC / CC2014 / CC2015 / CC2015.3 / CC2017 / CC2018 / CC2019 / 2020
CorelDRAW®Graphics Suite X7/X8/2017/2018/2019/2020/2021
Technical Suite X7/2017/2018/2019/2020
Not supported
PlotterMIMAKICG Series (CG-45 or later), CFL-605RT, CF-0912 Series, CF2/DC Series, CF3 Series, CF22-1225, CJV30 Series, TPC, CJV300/150 Series, CJV300 Plus Series, UCJV300/150 Series
OthersGravotech LS Series, Trotec Speedy Series
ConnectionMIMAKISerial connection*1 (crossing cable) or USB connection or LAN connection
OthersGravotech LS Series: USB connection*2
Trotec Speedy Series: USB connection (virtual COM port)*3
OthersCompatible with operation conditions of Adobe® Illustrator® used
*1: An USB serial adapter is required for output from a USB port to a serial port.
*2: Installation of Gravotech L-Solution driver is required.
*3: Installation of virtual COM port driver is required.

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