High quality belt-fed printer for volume production of textiles

Featuring an automated, belt-fed conveyance system, the Mimaki TX500-1800B is able to print direct to a broad range of natural and man-made fabrics, with a unique combination of both high quality and high production speeds. Capable of delivering long print runs for the fashion and soft furnishing markets, TX500-1800B offers the perfect digital textile manufacturing solution.

High print speeds
Unique feeding control system
Robust design
  • High speed production up to 140 m2/h (in high-speed mode)
  • Automated belt-fed conveyance system
  • Multiple ink types to print to; Cotton, Polyester, Hemp (Linen) and Rayon
  • Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS) & Correct Feeding Control CFC) reducing imperfections in high production mode
  • Mimaki Degassing Module (MDM-20) enabling use of bottled inks
  • Mist Removal Filter for enhanced print stability
  • Media roll handling up to 400 mm diameter and maximum weight of 60 kg


Textile PoS, Flags, Light Boxes, Mesh Banners & Display Panels, Exhibition Graphics, Wall Art and all types of Soft Signage and much more…


Cotton, Polyester-based Materials and other fabrics.

Specifications of TX500-1800B

Print head On demand piezo head (6 heads in staggered configuration)
Maximum print width 1820 mm
Printing resolutions 300dpi, 450dpi, 600dpi, 900dpi, 1200dpi
Print Modes 4 Colours
300x300HQ/2pass/BI 300x450HQ/3pass/BI 600x900dpi/6pass/BI/HI 600x1200dpi/8pass/BI/HI
300x300HQ/4pass/BI 300x450HQ/6pass/BI/HI 600x600dpi/8pass/BI/HI 600x1200dpi/16pass/BI/HI
Ink type Sb300 (Sublimation) / RC300 (Reactive)
Ink supply 8 x 2L bottles
Ink degassing module Equipped with MDM-20
Media type Pre-treated polyester
Media Size Minimum: 210 mm, Maximum: 1,830 mm
Media Thickness Up to 5 mm
Roll weight Up to 60kg
Roll diameter Roll diameter: 400 mm, Inside diameter: 76 mm
Media heater Optional: External drying heater
Print gap 1.5 mm ~ 7 mm (user selectable)
External dimensions (WxDxH) 3,830 x 2,600 x 1,800 mm (excluding ink supply unit)
Weight 1840kg

Our Sb300 ink is ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified.

Features of TX500-1800B

Up to 140 m2/h print speed

TX500-1800B features newly developed 6 print head technology, in staggered formation, featuring 1280 nozzles per printhead, delivering up to 140 m2/h in 4-colour high speed mode. Variable drop sizes of 7 picolitres and 21 picolitres are available.


High definition print


Minimum drop size of 7 picolitres realizes smooth gradation and high-definition print. Image quality is further enhanced with variable dot sizes of 7 picolitres and 21 picolitres, delivering non-granular and smooth print outputs.


High quality, reliable print output

Correct Feeding Control (CFC)
This function reduces and corrects banding issues by measuring the feed rate of the fabric and automatically reducing and correcting the level differences in the joints of the conveyance belt.

Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS) tx500-1800B-maps
When banding cannot be eliminated by feed correction, the MAPS function makes it less visible by dispersing pass boundaries. (NB: when using MAPS, the print speed depends on the selected mode)

Nozzle Recovery Function
In the event of a nozzle malfunction not being repairable by the use of the maintenance function, printing can continue by the use of another nozzle, without any loss of productivity or reduction in image quality.

User-friendly functions

Uninterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS) Two ink bottles per colour can be set with the UISS function. When an ink bottle runs out, another bottle of the same colour automatically starts supplying ink. Mimaki Degassing Module (MDM-20) Equipped with MDM-20 which eliminates gasses and bubbles inside the ink, enabling the printer to use bottled inks instead of conventional degassed ink packs, thereby reducing ink costs.


Optional heaters to further improve productivity

tx500-optinal-heatersYou can choose between two types of heaters according to your operating conditions.

Our Sb300 ink is ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified.


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