TX400 Series

TX400 Series

Highly Productive Textile Printers

The TX400 series offers direct printing on polyester and cotton at an exceptionally high speed with superior print quality; the perfect mix for producing soft signage, flags, fabric point of sale, furnishings, fashion and more. The Tx400-1800D is suitable for printing on non-stretchable materials, while the Tx400-1800B is equipped with adhesive belt carrier system for direct printing on stretchable fabrics.

  • Printing on cotton, polyester-based materials, and many other fabrics
  • Substantial reduction in production time
  • High quality printing, smooth gradation, no restrictions in number of colours
  • More eco-friendly, compared to screen printing
  • Low running and ink costs
  • Unique dye sublimation ink, with low vapor emission during heating


Flags, Banners, Garments, Curtains, Bed linen, Table cloths, Garments, Ties, Scarves, Sign boards and much more…


cotton, polyester-based materials, and other fabrics.