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Affordable Grand Format Solvent Printer

Responding to the needs of our customers in an ever-changing market place, Mimaki have developed the new SWJ-320 series particularly for the signage industry in emerging and more cost-conscious markets. These exciting machines, specifically available to non-European Union countries, offer established world-class Mimaki speed, quality and reliability in a grand format at a more affordable price.

Fast printing speeds up to 83 m2/h
Cost efficient CS100 ink
Entry level 3.2m machine
  • Two models: SWJ-320S2 (standard) and SWJ-320S4 (high speed)
  • Super wide format printing (up to 3.2m) at a more competitive price
  • High speed printing up to 83 sqm/h (S4 model) and 51.9 sqm/h (S2 model)
  • High quality printing with a max. resolution of 1080 x 1200 dpi
  • Reliable nozzle maintenance functions
  • New affordable solvent inks


Indoor and outdoor signage, Exhibition and display graphics, Floor and window graphics, Retail PoS and much more…


PVC film, Banner material, Backlit, (Blueback) paper and most Media currently used in solvent machines.

Specifications of SWJ-320

Print headSWJ-320S2 : On-demand piezo head (2 print heads, in-line configuration)
SWJ-320S4 : On-demand piezo head (4 print heads, 2 staggered)
Maximum print widthUp to 3,200 mm
Printing resolutions600 / 900 / 1,200 x 360 / 540 / 720 / 1,080 dpi
Ink typeCS100 solvent ink (CMYK)
Ink capacity2L bottle / each colour
Media SizeUp to 3,250 mm
Roll weightFeeding: up to 100 kg / Take-up: up to 40 kg
Drying deviceThree way intelligent heater (pre/print/after), drying fan unit
InterfaceUSB 2.0.
Power consumptionMain unit     : AC200~240V, less than 5A
Main heater : AC200~240V, less than 10A
Drying fan   : AC200~240V, less than 14A
Dimensions (w x d x h)4,560 x 1,200 x 1,405 mm
WeightLess than 600 kg

Features of SWJ-320

Two Models: SWJ-320S2 and SWJ-320S4

The standard model, SWJ-320S2, features two in-line print heads, while the high speed model SWJ-320S4 has a staggered array of four print heads.

Print speeds of SWJ-320S2 and SWJ-320S4

Three different dot sizes of SWJ-320 Series ensures beautiful print resultsHigh Resolution and Quality Print

Three different dot sizes (7 pl minimum) and the maximum resolution (1,080 x 1,200 dpi) ensures beautiful print results without a grainy appearance.

Proven Nozzle Maintenance Capability

  • Pressure purging. Pressure is applied to the ink when jetted from the print head.
  • Automatic suction. When the print head is on a cap, the remaining ink on the head nozzle surface is suctioned.
  • Automatic wiping. Nozzle surface is automatically wiped.
  • Nozzle recovery function. The nozzle recovery function temporarily recovers the print operation without long pause, even if the nozzles are clogged. It enables the printer to keep on printing with excellent quality until the service personnel arrives.
*Nozzle recovery function is a temporary failure averting function and its recoverability is limited. This function does not apply on Super Draft Mode.

The new CS100 ink comes in 2L bottlesNew Affordable CS100 Solvent Ink

Affordable, exceptionally stable, and has low propensity to clog nozzles, the CS100 inks bring the same high Mimaki standards of colour accuracy, image durability and weatherability found in conventional Mimaki solvent inks. Available in 2 liter bottles.

Rasterlink 6Easy-to-use Standard Software

  • Easy to follow icons enable intuitive and user-friendly operation
  • Related settings feature in one window to simplify RIP operations, with ‘Register as Favourite’ option available for regularly used layouts
  • Printing progress can be monitored on the main screen