CF3 Series

Note: This product has been discontinued. View the latest product available here.

CF3 Series

Multifunctional Flatbed Cutting Plotters

The Mimaki CF3 series large format flatbed cutting plotters can handle an extensive range of applications up to 5 cm thick. It incorporates three exhangeable head types (router, reciprocating, or tangential head) and innovative cutting technology. For an effective print and cut solution, CF3 series can be combined with Mimaki’s UV curable flatbed printers, the JFXplus series.

  • Three different cutting heads to choose from: router, tangential, reciprocal
  • Precise contour cutting with the patented Mimaki colour photo sensor
  • Vacuum system to hold down the media
  • Automatic table surface cleaning
  • Ultimate print and cut combo with JFXplus series


industrial products such as operation panels, buttons, ID cards, packaging materials, fashion accessories (belts), toys, Printed Circuit Boards and a lot of signage, from small to large items and thin to thick materials, including 3D logos, thick robust signs, large POS displays and display materials. The list of possible applications is practically ‘limitless’.


aluminium, polyacrylic, plexiglas, PVC, foam board, wood, et cetera. Besides these materials, the tangential and reciprocal cutting models can cut a variety of materials:Corrugated fibreboard, Coated board for packaging, Vinyl chloride for packaging, Plastic corrugated fibreboard, Vinyl chloride sheet for signboard, Reflective sheets, Sandblast rubber, Industrial sheet rubber (max. 3 mm) and Vinyl.

It is important to test the material, since material characteristics may differ between manufacturers.