Mimaki launches new direct sublimation printer for more productive textile printing

Tx500P-3200DS is a one-stop solution combining printing and heating for colour fixation in a single, efficient footprint

Amsterdam, 12 September 2016.

Tx500P-3200DMimaki today announced the launch of the Tx500P-3200DS 3.2 meter direct sublimation printer, the latest in a number of innovative product launches the company has undertaken in the last few weeks. This new printer significantly reduces production time through its simultaneous performance of two operations, printing and colour fixation, reducing two steps to one. At a print speed of up to 130 m2 per hour, the Tx500P-3200DS is ideal for production of samples as well as large lot production with short delivery times.

“There is a growing demand for soft signage due to its economic and environmental benefits,” said Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing of Mimaki EMEA. “At the same time, the textile industry is shifting increased volumes from analog to digital printing in order to meet market demand for the growing number of small lot orders and shortened cycle times. The new Tx500P-3200DS was designed specifically to meet these requirements in both segments, as well as the growing demand for digitally printed textiles in home décor, with its requirement for extra-wide fabrics to draperies, linens and upholstery. We are also seeing an increase in custom orders via the Internet that can more easily be fulfilled leveraging the productivity benefits of this printer.”

The details
The Tx500P-3200DS is uniquely suited for a wide array of textile printing, including soft signage, customised apparel, and fabrics for home décor and furnishings. It delivers:

  • Print speeds at up to 130 m2/hour with 4-colour printing and up to 105 m2/hour with 6 colours.
  • Unmatched print quality with resolution up to 720 x 1080 dpi using 12 print heads in a staggered 3-line array.
  • Stable quality enabled to its pulling roller that maintains appropriate pressure during printing onto rolled textiles with widths up to 3,2 meters and weight up to 130 kg.
  • Worry-free uninterrupted print operation with automatic detection and cleaning of clogged nozzles, substituting good nozzles for printing during this process. This allows constant printing and reduces waste due to defective nozzles.

“What is truly unique about this printer,” Horsten added, “is the combination of printing and heat fixation in a single pass. Direct sublimation transfer printing requires the fixing of printed inks through heating. In a typical operation, these processes are performed separately, adding time and touches to textile printing. When operations are dealing with very small lots, samples or longer runs with tight delivery schedules, every minute counts. Our goal in bringing this unique configuration to market was to deliver a printer that was more efficient than anything else on the market, and this new printer meets that need.”

As with all Mimaki printers, this new printer features precise placement of well-shaped ink droplets onto the fabric for the best possible quality. This is accomplished by automatically taking into account the specific gravity and viscosity of each ink, precisely placing droplets as small as 6 picoliters for beautiful, high resolution printing results.