“Quality means leaving nothing to chance”

Nedersign opts for the latest Mimaki UV LED print technology

Having purchased the latest Mimaki UV LED print technology, Nedersign, which is based in Duiven and is the result of a merger between Klaasen & Hubers and Hateg in May 2009, is now in a leading position and able to offer maximum flexibility and the shortest possible lead times. Commercial Director Joop Nefkens comments: “The Mimaki UJV-160 enables us to minimise chance occurrences throughout the process and thus produce even better quality.”


Nedersign philosophy

Joop Nefkens, Nedersign’s Commercial Director, explains the company philosophy in lucid terms: “We believe that quality necessitates the elimination of unforeseen eventualities. Everything has to be just so, the profiles, media, colour, bonding process – in short, ideal conditions. For example, before we apply lettering to a vehicle it is sent through the carwash, given a degreasing and anti-silicone treatment and then brought up to room temperature, i.e. the same temperature as the printed foil. This enables us to guarantee durability and prevent the foil from being dislodged, shrinking as a result of sunlight, being torn because of the use of incorrect media or changing colour. This might give the impression that we are expensive but the opposite is true, we work quickly and companies get real value for money.”

Lettering, Interior and Banners

Approximately 30% of Nedersign’s turnover is derived from vehicle lettering, 30% from interior design projects, 20% from banners and the remaining 20% from illuminated advertising. Noticeably, light boxes are being taken over by front lit banners, which according to Joop Nefkens are 2.5 times cheaper.

Starter model UV printer

In order to meet the demand for ‘same day delivery’ Nedersign went in search of a starter model UV printer. Joop Nefkens explains: “A heavy flatbed would be rather over the top for the type of orders we deal with. We wanted to purchase the right equipment to meet our demands. In our case it was important to eliminate drying time and to be able to print on both foil and plate material.”

Opted for Mimaki UJV-160

NedersignWe eventually opted for the hybrid Mimaki UJV-160, equipped with the latest UV LED print technology for printing on both foil and plate material. Joop Nefkens: “We have had good experience with some Mimaki machines, such as the JV5 solvent printer and CG-FX cutting plotter. Dealer service from GCS (now Igepa) was also a deciding factor. “In my opinion GCS/Igepa offers very professional service, particularly when compared to the service we received from other dealers. Their service package is not standard. They look into specific aspects of our business, adjust profiles etc. seamlessly and our queries are dealt with and resolved in record time.”

Maximum flexibility

Joop Nefkens continues: “The UJV-160, which is used approximately 60% for foil and banners and 40% for plate material, gives us maximum flexibility with respect to direct drying and enables us to offer same day deliveries. This is impossible with a solvent printer. In the unlikely event of a mishap, damage during transit or an assembly fault we are able to implement the necessary repairs/adjustments the same day. This means that nothing is left to chance and we are able to supply the best possible quality.”