Mimaki France to Showcase Latest 3D Printing Solutions at 3D Print Lyon

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Mimaki Europe, a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and cutting systems, has today announced their unique and innovative 3D printing solutions will be on show at their stand (Stand B05) during the 3D Print Lyon event (5-7 April, Lyon, France). The event marks the French debut of the smaller-format, full colour 3D printing solution – the 3DUJ-2207.

Two of Mimaki’s 3D printing solutions, the 3DUJ-553 and 3DUJ-2207, will feature on the stand, alongside applications and success stories from Mimaki customers, demonstrating the accessibility and versatility of the technologies.

The smaller-format Mimaki 3DUJ-2207, is able to print in over 10 million colours to create richer, photo-realistic full-colour 3D models. Designed to be simple to use, the printer uses fast drying UV ink which cuts down on production time, clear resin to create various levels of transparency and a water-soluble support material for efficient post-processing. As a more widely accessible option in terms of price and usability, the 3DUJ-2207 opens the door to businesses who previously felt the benefits of full-colour 3D printing were out of reach.

Also featuring at 3D Print Lyon, is the Mimaki 3DUJ-553. This pioneering industrial-scale printer was the first of its kind to allow users to recreate their creative vision by printing in over 10 million colours as well as clear resin for transparent, or partially transparent objects. Capable of exceptionally high uptimes, Mimaki customers are able to make the most of their investment and can use the printer for a wide variety of applications including figurines, prototypes, architecture models, toys, art, and more.

“As the leading industrial exhibition focusing on 3D printing in France, 3D Print Lyon offers us the perfect opportunity to directly engage with the French 3D printing community and demonstrate the versatility of our latest technologies – for the first time in 3DUJ-2207’s case. With our 3DUJ Series, we have drawn from decades of experience in the Sign Graphics market, to provide technology that allows users to efficiently print in full colour, and produce colour-realistic models, prototypes, and many other 3D printed applications, some of which will be on display alongside the machines,” comments Martial Granet, Branch Manager, Mimaki France.

“As with all Mimaki solutions, our 3D printers are designed to provide enhanced application opportunities for increased and diversified business growth. Our innovative and accessible machines have helped our customers to grow their business, despite the challenges of recent years, and we aim to continue our support for customers in this market over the next year.”

Also exhibiting at the show, ERM, a Mimaki France dealer who produces tailored 3D printed products from technical parts to signage to architectural models, will display the Mimaki 3DUJ-2207 at their stand (Stand D12), alongside application examples. Similarly, EM3D, who specialises in large format 3D printing, will be present at the show, displaying a range of printing solutions and their applications at Stand B09, also created using the 3DUJ-2207.

The above-mentioned products in addition to those from the Sign Graphics, Textile and Industrial sectors can also be seen at the newly opened Mimaki Experience Center in Paris.

Mimaki’s 3DUJ-2207, a smaller-format, full colour 3D printer, will be showcased for the first time in France at 3D Print Lyon.
The 3DUJ-553, the world’s first full colour 3D UV-curable inkjet printer, capable of printing in more than 10 million colours, will also be on display at the Mimaki booth.
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Mimaki’s 3D printers can be used for a wide variety of applications, many of which will be on display at their booth at 3D Print Lyon.