Mimaki launches end-to-end UV printing solution for sign and architectural applications

flatbed printer
• The JFX600-2531 and CFX-2531 form a comprehensive UV print-and-cut solution to increase application possibilities for print service providers.
• Due to increased print-bed size, the JFX600-2531 is able to directly print on architectural substrates, including glass and plywood
• The latest CFX Series consists of three high-end cutting plotters with higher speeds and improved accuracy
• Full solution to be showcased for the first time at FESPA Global Print Expo 2024 in Mimaki’s Experience Centre

Mimaki Europe, a leading provider of industrial inkjet printers, cutting plotters, and 3D printers, has today announced the launch of a full UV print-and-cut solution, consisting of the large format flatbed UV printer, JFX600-2531 and the flatbed cutting plotter, the CFX-2531. Both solutions will be demonstrated together for the first time at the Mimaki Experience Centre in Amsterdam during FESPA 2024.

The flatbed UV printer, JFX600-2531, responds to market demand for a larger print size, following the positive reception of the JFX600-2513 launched in 2021. Offering the same high levels of productivity and maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi, the increased print-bed size of 3.1m in length opens up new possibilities for printers, particularly in architectural applications. Due to the expanded print-bed, the JFX600-2513 is able to print directly on commonly used architectural substrates, such as glass and plywood, which have a standard size of 3,000mm. Printing on these substrates commonly involve applying a printed film onto the surface, so direct printing allows for the original surface texture of the substrate to remain, excluding the design area.

Another feature carried over from the previous model is the 2.5D printing function, which creates texture to the surface of the print for added customisability and value.

To streamline production further, Mimaki has created a ‘Toggle Print Function’ exclusively for the JFX600-2531, which allows for simultaneous printing at the front and rear of the print table. Print operators can now set the print origin at two locations, meaning that manual processes, like replacing, fixing and cleaning the surface of a substrate, can take place while the printer continues to print on the other side. This works in conjunction with Mimaki’s core technologies to create a seamless workflow, including the NCU (nozzle check function) and NRS (nozzle recovery function) to reduce downtime caused by missing or faulty nozzles.

Expanding Mimaki’s cutting plotter portfolio, the CFX-2531 is a high-end cutting solution which operates with increased speed and efficiency. As a large-size cutting plotter – 3,190mm x 2,540mm – the CFX-2531 can continuously or alternately operate at the front and rear of the table. Offering an ideal solution for various sign graphics applications, the CFX-2531 can handle prints and materials such as stickers and signboards, as well as paper containers and corrugated boards. Improved accuracy, with the inclusion of a table plane tracking function, helps to ensure minimal material is wasted and is critical when it comes to V-cuts. In addition, the cutting plotter can be equipped with up to four types of tools at once to reduce time required for tool changing and adjustment.

The CFX-2531 is part of Mimaki’s brand-new CFX Series, which also includes additional two models – the CFX-2513 and the CFX-2550 – with a print table of 1,300mm x 2,540mm and 5,080mm x 2,540mm respectively. This series is designed for those companies looking to grow their offering, due to the ability to expand the size even after the CFX is installed.

Arjen Evertse, General Manager Sales, Mimaki Europe, explained, “As a pioneer in UV technology, we are pleased to announce a high-quality, high-performing UV printing solution to add to our extensive portfolio, which will serve to further expand upon applications for print service providers. We understand how important substrate versatility is for printers, especially when expanding to new applications, so created both products in response to market demand.

FESPA Global Print Expo 2024 offers an invaluable platform for us to demonstrate the capabilities of this full solution for the very first time, especially as this year’s UV Excellence Partner.” To see a demonstration of this latest print-and-cut solution at FESPA 2024, book a showroom trip via the following link: https://events.mimakieurope.com/showroom-visits.

To register for FESPA 2024, please click here and use the promo code EXHX24 to take advantage of a limited-time discount.

flatbed printer
Flatbed UV printer JFX600-2531’s extensive print-bed size improves application versatility
cutting flatbed
The CFX-2550 is one of the latest high-speed cutting plotters from the new Mimaki CFX Series