Pertama flies to Asia

Pertama’s encounter with the Singapore girls


Well, it’s nice to be back again after FESPA! It was quite tiring for me but at the same time, VERY exciting. Did you know that the Mimaki JFX500-2131 won the prestigious EDP award for the Best UV Curable Flatbed Printer under €200,000? It’s definitely one of my favourite moments during the show! :)


mimaki tiger Shanghai

Naturally, after a hectic week, I wanted to take a little break. So I decided to travel to the Far East for a vacation. First stop was Singapore. I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t let a tiger like me on the plane. But the Singapore Girls of Singapore Airlines were so friendly to me and they managed to persuade the captain to take me in. Yay!

The Singapore Girls and me. Did you know that Pierre Balmain designed their now-iconic attire in 1968? The intricate patterns and beautiful colours amaze me! This got me thinking: I should be able to create something similar with Mimaki TS500-1800!


pertama mimaki ujv500

I spent a few days in Singapore before flying to the ever-changing, fast-growing global city of Shanghai, China, to check out Shanghai Sign Expo 2013. Hey what can I say, I am obsessed with prints! Here’s a picture of me with my colleagues and the latest UV curable roll-to-roll printer from Mimaki, the UJV500-160!

Good Paws,

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