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What should i do when [ERROR505 !WORK High] is displayed?

Answer: This error is displayed when the obstacle sensor detects an obstacle that can collide with the head.

Check that the setting value of “MEDIA THICKNESS” or “HEAD GAP” is appropriate against the actual thickness of the media. In addition, check on the followings.

・Dust or garbage is not sticking to the surface of table or media
・When the media is fixed with tape, the tape is not lifted
・The media is not rolled back

1. Required action against “ERROR505 !WORK High”

(1) Press the [ENTER] key while the error is displayed. The machine returns to <"Local"> mode.

display enter

(2) If [DATA REMAIN] is displayed, press the [DATACLEAR] key and then press the [ENTER] key.

display enter

(3) Press the [FUNCTION] key, and then press the [WORK SET] -> [ENTER] key. The Y bar moves backward, and the table moves down to the lowest point.

function set

(4) Reset the media.

(5) Press the [REMOTE] key. The Y bar moves from the backside to the front when the machine enters mode. It is possible to start printing if no error is displayed until the Y bar stops at the front.

* Note that the head gap may be wider than the setting value even though it is set to 1.5mm in [Head Gap], if the value in [MEDIA THICKNESS] is larger than the thickness of the actual media.

2. Difference in action by setting
  [FUNCTION] -> [HEAD HEIGHT] -> [GAP CHECK] is added to UJF-3042 firmware version 1.30. UJF-3042FX and UJF-3042HG have the [GAP CHECK] function regardless of firmware version.

・[GAP CHECK] is set as [OFF]:
 When the obstacle sensor reacts, “ERROR505! WORK High” is displayed and the operation stops.

・[GAP CHECK] is set as [ON]:
 When the obstacle sensor reacts, “ERROR505! WORK High” is not displayed, and the table moves down to the point that the obstacle sensor does not react.

* Because the table continues to move down until the obstacle sensor does not react even though [HEAD GAP] is set to 1.5mm, the actual head gap may not be 1.5mm. Note that movement of the head gap may cause a degraded drawing quality or ink mist if the obstacle sensor reacts during printing.

If the problem still remains, please contact us.