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What is the meaning of Cartridge LED?

Red lighted This cartridge has an error such as ink level 0 (zero), no ink cartridge, and over 6 months after the ink expiration date was extended.

About the ink level 0 (zero) cartridge•••

When a near end or ink end is detected, the UISS function automatically switches the cartridges. For instance, if the Magenta Cartridge 1 detects the ink end during drawing, the valve is automatically switched to supply ink from the Magenta Cartridge 2. However, when you execute cleaning, by ink use-up cleaning function preferentially uses the cartridge with near end or ink end detected in order to save ink.
In the above diagram, the cleaning is performed using the ink remaining in the Cartridge 1. When the cartridge fully runs out of ink, it becomes an “ink level 0 (zero) cartridge.”