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What is the maximum media size I can set?

UJF-706 Media Size Specifications

  1. Without the Optional Roll Unit (OPT-J0269): Usable media
    Size710 x 605 mm or smaller
    Thickness0.2 ~ 150 mm
    Weight15 kg or less

  2. With the optional Roll Unit(OPT-J0269):
  3. Usable media

    Maximum Width710 mm
    Minimum Width210 mm
    ThicknessBetween 25µ m and 1.0 mm
    Outside diameter of rollÞ 250 mm or less
    Weight of roll25 kg or less (No defect by sag under machine’s own weight holding both sides of the roll)
    Caliber of roll core2 inch, 3 inch
    Drawing surfaceInner / Outer face (Either side is available)
    End of media fixation to the paper coreTape or weak adhesive fixation to the paper core
    Maximum outside diameter of take-up sideÞ 300 mm or less