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What is the maximum media size I can set?

UJF-706 Media Size Specifications

  1. Without the Optional Roll Unit (OPT-J0269): Usable media
    Size 710 x 605 mm or smaller
    Thickness 0.2 ~ 150 mm
    Weight 15 kg or less

  2. With the optional Roll Unit(OPT-J0269):
  3. Usable media

    Maximum Width 710 mm
    Minimum Width 210 mm
    Thickness Between 25µ m and 1.0 mm
    Outside diameter of roll Þ 250 mm or less
    Weight of roll 25 kg or less (No defect by sag under machine’s own weight holding both sides of the roll)
    Caliber of roll core 2 inch, 3 inch
    Drawing surface Inner / Outer face (Either side is available)
    End of media fixation to the paper core Tape or weak adhesive fixation to the paper core
    Maximum outside diameter of take-up side Þ 300 mm or less