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What can I do when the Test Print was not printed successfully?

Deflections and missing nozzles

When you perform a TEST PRINT and see problems such as missing nozzles, deflections, or color mixtures, check the following:

1. Clean the wiper, cap, head and surrounding area. It increases the success rate of the cleaning
2. Perform the head cleaning (normal)
3. Perform the head cleaning (hard)
4. Perform NOZZLE WASH to wash off the ink stuck to the nozzle head
5. Perform AIR PG (air purge). It is effective to resolve color mixtures or aerations
7. Check that the installation environment conforms to the specification
For details, see FAQ “Printer installation environment”
8. If the above steps do not fix the problem, please contact us

Video of Maintaining the Capping station

For details about each step, see “Operation Manual” ,“Request for Daily Care and Maintenance”
and the video “Maintaining the Capping Station”