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What can I do when the head touches the media?

Answer: If the media gets corrugated or curled, it may touch the head and cause nozzle clogging or errors.

When possible, do not use a media that can get deformed easily. Please try the following when media gets corrugated or curled in consequence of ink or heater.

1. If you feed the media forward by several dozen centimeters, it may be smoothened and the corrugation may disappear.

2. Check the room temperature and humidity. The corrugation is likely to occur when the heater is turned on under low temperature or when it is too humid. Also, even if the room temperature is high enough, the corrugation can also occur when the media itself is too cold. During the cold season, warm up the media under the room temperature and humidity before using.

3. Try to reduce the heater temperature.
This problem may be resolved by simply reducing the post-heater1 temperature or set the post heater OFF, because there is a case that the heat of postheater1 is adversely conducted to the media. If not, reduce the temperature for all the heaters. However, since it may cause an excessively dry state or degraded image quality, we recommend that you set drying time or feed speed.

4. Clean around the head if it is dirty or dusty.

5. Make sure that media is set correctly, and reset it if there is any trouble.

6. Make sure you use a take-up device to prevent the media from getting loose.

7. Try to change the height of the head.

Note that the image quality may degrade or machine may be damaged by mist.