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The print is cropped by 5mm on the left side. What can I do?

  1. Confirm the whole image data appears in the print preview on the RIP
  2. Confirm if the page size is larger than the image size in image processing software such as Adobe Illustrator
  3. Confirm if the origin is set to the proper position and the available print area has enough
  4. Confirm if the media width is detected properly. The media size displayed equals the distance between the left and right margins.
    • Confirm the media condition. Media width may not be detected correctly if the media surface is uneven or stained
    • Lower the head height (head gap) within 2mm from the media. Media may not be detected correctly owing to the large head gap
    • In case of using transparent media, it is possible to change the sensitivity of media detection sensor in [MACHINE SETUP]-[MEDIA DETECT LV].
      * This menu does not appear in LCD depending on the firmware version. In this case,
      put the white paper under the transparency media to detect the media width
  5. If the printable media width is smaller than the image data, it is possible to increase the printable media width by decreasing the margin in [SETUP]-[MARGIN]
  6. Please contact service if you are still having the same issue