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Error 50 MEDIA DETECT occurred, what should I do?

This error occurs when the media is not detected normally.

  1. First, set the media again. Then, retry the detection
  2. The media sensor passes over the black rubber before the media holder. Check to see if the media is dirty or is warp around where the media sensor passes, or if there is any drawn matter.
  3. Check on the media set position. If the media holder is shifted to the right from the specified position, it may cause an error. The media should not run off to the right of the right-hand pinch roller.
  4. Execute [CR.Maintenance] to clean the media sensor. Cleaning method: Gently wipe it with a cotton swab soaked with ethanol for disinfection, then dry down with a new cotton swab.

How to execute [CR.Maintenance]?
See “Operation Manual” -> “Maintenance” -> “Maintaining the Capping Station” -> “Cleaning the Ink Head and the Area around it”.

* If the error indication persists even after following the above instructions, please contact us.