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In which environment must the printer be installed?

Please prepare a place that satisfies the following conditions.

(1) A place avoiding direct sunlight

(2) A place that the temperature and humidity are within specifications:
  20-30℃, 35-65%(Rh)

(3) Temperature gradient ±10 ℃/h or less

(4) A place not exposed to direct air blow from air conditioner, etc

(5) A place that is horizontal

(6) Vibration–free place

(7) Required installation space is secured

(8) A place where fire is not used

(9) A clean place equivalent to normal office level (0.15mg /㎥ or less)

(10) A place where there are other chemicals circumferentially
   (they may degrade image quality)

(11) A room with ventilation facilities

(12) A place where altitude is less than 2000m