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Do I have to shake the White cartridge before using the printer?

Yes, remove the cartridge from the printer, shake it well, and reinsert it into the cartridge slot. Then operate a normal cleaning for the white head even if you do not use white.

The white ink precipitates easily compared to the other ink colors.
If it precipitates inside the ink line or inkjet nozzle, you will have Ink mist, Nozzle deflection, and Nozzle out issues. It will take time to recover from these issues.

How to shake
Wear gloves and apply cloth to the insertion side as shown in the below pictures to avoid getting ink on your hands. Tilt the cartridge gently from side to side more than 20 times, so the ink inside can be circulated. If the cartridge is roughly tilted, the foil pack inside may be damaged. This may cause an ink leak. Please tilt the cartridge gently. When the level of ink remaining is low, tilt the cartridge vertically, otherwise ink can not be fully circulated.