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Data communication stops during the print from the printer connecting with USB2.0 or data communication is slower than before, what can I do?

Does the error occur on any printing data?
If the error occurs on a particular data, save the data as a new data and send to RasterLink and then try printing it out again.

[2] Confirm the connection and capacity of the computer
– This may be caused by USB connection failure
(1) Try turning off the printer and RIP computer, then unplug the USB cable once and reconnect the cable and turn on the printer and RIP computer again.
(2) The computer USB port may be damaged. Try inserting the USB cable to another USB port.
(3) If there is damage or stress on the cable, change the cable. There may be incompatible USB2.0 cables in the market. Use recommended USB cable (OPT-J0137: USB2.0 cable (5m)) which is tested.

The computer may be overloaded
(1) If other USB devices are connected to RIP computer, unplug them.
(2) Backup necessary job data and delete unnecessary job data in the job list.
(3) Try disc cleanup and defragmentation of the RIP computer.

[3] Confirm the setting of Raster Link series
– Are you using genuine RIP (Raster Link series)? If using Raster Link series, confirm the printer name and USB port are selected in [Printer Management] function. For details instructions, please see the Raster Link series Installation Guide.

Are multiple printers connected to the RIP computer?
Target printer may not be recognized when multiple printers are connected to the RIP computer.
(1) Change the “Machine name” of the printer. If there are connected printers which is the same “Machine name”, target printer cannot be recognized. For detailed instructions, please see Operation Manual for each printer.
(2) Switch [REMOTE/LOCAL] on the printer and click [Printer Management]- [Printer setting]-[Update to Current Status] in Raster Link series to make it recognize the printer.

[4] Confirm the operation environment
Does the computer meet specifications?
(1) Confirm the specification of the RIP computer. Error is likely to occur if Intel chipset is not used in the computer. Specification of the computer for Raster Link Pro 5, please see here.
Specification of the computer for Raster Link 6, please see here.

(2) Confirm that the computer and USB cable support USB2.0
Is the USB cable is extended by USB repeater cable?
Test the operation without extending the cable.

Is the printer grounded? Are countermeasures of electrical noise taken around the printer?
If the printer is not grounded, communication failure and malfunction may be caused by ground leakage of the other device and voltage variation, so please ground the device. If the problem is not solved even after grounding, try mounting ferrite cores both ends of the USB cable. If the large machinery which generates noise is also near the printer, communication failure and malfunction may occur. Please take the same countermeasures mentioned above.

Is there any damage on the RIP computer?
Problem in USB communication may be caused by computer problems. Try using another computer to test USB communication.

Is the computer infected?
If the computer is infected, performance deterioration and serious malfunction may be caused. Run the anti-virus software and clean the virus or reinstall OS.

If you are still having the same issue, please contact us.