Mimaki School

Date 18/10/2017
Time All Day (CET)

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A school for professionals in large format printing. The course takes place in 6 cities: Cracow, Wroclaw, Lodz, Poznan, Gdansk and Warsaw (lessons 1-6). The final exam together with the award ceremony: diplomas, honorable rewards and the gala event takes place at a race track and is combined with a safe driving school.

We meet together on a regular weekly basis for six weeks, each time in a different city. We assume that the amount of participants, depending on the location, is around 40-80 people.
The final event at a race track takes place in the second half of October.

Each lesson is dedicated to a different subject, f.ex. solvent printing, sublimation printing on clothes, outdoor sublimation printing, UV printing, colour management, postproduction, troubleshooting…
The course ends with the final exam, which will be held in the seventh meeting.

We hope that our clients will attend more than one lesson, according to their needs. Thus each lesson should be unique and unrepeatable …
During each session we offer you not only theoretical and practical knowledge, but also provide you with lunch and coffee breaks and the unique weekend with Mercedes car .
Each lesson hosts a different partner/sponsor and regular partner – Mimaki, and ends with a test that checks the material discussed during the meeting. Participants with the highest results will receive a diploma.

10 participants from each location that get the best results will be invited to do the Final Exam for the Printing Master, and take part in the racing event.
Our partners: Mercedes, IT equipment supplier, racing track.

The best professionals from all over the Poland will be invited to test their knowledge during the Final Exam for the Printing Master, taking place during the Racing Event.
The exam will be held during the seventh meeting, and its form and the scope of material will be presented at the first meeting. We begin the last meeting with the Final Exam.

Then we continue with the safe driving school with our partner – Mercedes.
Agenda: ( number of participants: 80-90 people ).
During the whole event, the participants are provided with teaching tools, i.e. 15-25 latest Mercedes vehicles sponsored by MB Motors Mercedes Benz Poland. The event is serviced by around 20 race track staff, and Sico Poland staff.
All participants will be divided into groups that will gain theoretical and practical knowledge on separate “stops” located on the track.

One stop is a class about the newest Mercedes vehicles joint with car presentations.

  • Stop 1 – Driving technique and safety (skid and difficult weather conditions)
  • Stop 2 – Driving technique and safety (ability to avoid obstacles, breaking techniques)
  • Stop 3 – Driving precision (fast track driving and bend taking)
  • Stop 4 – Precision and velocity (carting track and time trial)
  • Stop 5 – Racing and track driving simulator
  • Stop 6 – New Stuff Presentation (machines, technology, new solutions)

Additional information:

  • We provide lunch and coffee breaks during the course.
  • All classes with be held by professional instructors – racing drivers and pilots
  • The close-down and summary of the training course – 6 p.m.
  • Mercedes and Mimaki will present their latest models at the same time.
  • The gala event starts at 7 p.m. : it is opened with an official dinner, then Sico will present the final test results and the best drivers, special awards will be given.
  • The ceremony is followed by the entertainment part.
  • After the event, the participants will be taken to the hotel.

Date of the events:

  • 19.09 – KRAKÓW
  • 28.09 – WROCŁAW
  • 04.10 – LODZ
  • 10.10 – GDANSK
  • 18.10 – WARSZAWA

More information is available here: http://www.mimakischool.pl/

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