3D Print Information Day

Date 26/10/2017
Time 10:00 - 16:00 (CET)
Location Mimaki Deutschland GmbH
Category(ies) Available seats 49

Mimaki brings photorealistic colour to 3D printing with unique 3DUJ-553 UV LED printing solution

Enables full-color modelling with more than 10 million accurate colors

The world of 3D-print experiences a revolution with Mimakis latest innovation of UV-LED 3D printer 3DUJ-553. What is so special?

  • The presentation of over 10 million colors enables the production of photorealistic prototypes, models, figures and more in 3D format
  • Water soluble support material is easy to remove after the production

That is why…

  • The correction by hand painting is not necessary anymore!
  • The time-consuming removal of the stabilizing fixtures is not necessary anymore!

You want know how 3DUJ-553 works? Then please come to our 3D-print information day!

When? 26.10.2017 10:00-16:00
Where? Mimaki Deutschland GmbH, Martin-Kollar-Straße 10, 81829 München

More information about the 3DUJ-553 can be found here.

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