OEKO-TEX Certificate - NEP 1604
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  • Create Date 20 April, 2017
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OEKO-TEX Certificate - NEP 1604

The "ECO PASSPORT" certification from OEKO-TEX® via Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center, for sublimation inks Sb53 and Sb300, valid until 31/01/2024.

The "ECO PASSPORT" authenticates the safety and security for chemicals used during the production of textile dyes / pigments and auxiliaries and finishing agents. It was set up by the OEKO-TEX® international association headquartered in Switzerland, as an effort to prove the safety and security intended for the materials (used chemicals) following to the [STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®] (*1), being target for the safety and security of textile products.

(*1): [STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®] is a certification system for the safety and the security of textile products. It is a universally-accepted standard proving the absence of harmful substances, such as the aromatic amines, in textiles and its related products.

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