JV300-130/160 Product Guide (PDF)
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  • Create Date 12 June, 2014
  • Last Updated 12 June, 2014

JV300-130/160 Product Guide (PDF)

Version: 1.91


  • Removed Standard 100 certificate
  • P54: Added OEKOTEX Certificate for Sb53 and Sb54 inks

Key Features - Stunning image Quality
• Minimum drop size of 4pl
• Wide range of brilliant colors
• Mimaki’s original technologies to perform high quality printing
• High productivity with a staggered dual-head layout
• Maximum drop size of 35pl
• Wide range of brilliant colors
• SS21, Orange ink delivers vibrant colors and an larger color gamut
• SS21, Light-black ink gives smooth shades of grey
• SS21, White ink ensures high opacity on transparent media
• High color reproductions & high density printing without bleeding
• Supports 4 different ink types
• Waveform Control Technology
• MAPS3, Mimaki Advanced Pass System 3, eliminates banding and produces an smooth print density
• NCU (Nozzle Check Unit)