Mimaki Advanced Pass System

MAPS4 reduces banding at the boundaries of the passes, by jetting ink drops according to a unique algorithm for each pass based on speed, ink colour and coverage, and thereby assuring the highest image quality at every print speed. Without correction, inkjet printers tend to create significant ink concentration differences at pass boundaries, visible as horizontal lines on the print (= banding). In addition, it allows the operator to manually change the MAPS effect at the printer to their personal ‘flavour’.

The advantage of Maps explained

MAPS applied

With every pass, Maps is using an unique algorithm calculating the most effective way of jetting the ink drops to avoid visible banding. This is constantly changing depending on ink colour, coverage and printing speed.

MAPS not applied

Without correction, every inkjet printer tends to create significant ink concentration differences at pass boundaries. Printing a pass with no anti-pass system will jet ink in a straight line, increasing the risk of banding. These appear as visual horizontal lines on the printed application.

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