Application Days

Learn about Mimaki technology first hand via the wonderful world of applications.
Local sessions are now available in all regions. Join us and be part of the experience with Mimaki!


Mimaki Application Days help to bring machines, samples and applications closer to you, the end-user, allowing you the opportunity to see, touch and experience the process first-hand.

Each session will take you on a deep dive into a specific print application. Consider sessions focused on illuminated lightboxes, window graphics or promotional items. Thanks to its small group format, you will participate in a live “how-to” demonstration where you will get up close and personal to the application creation in progress, and understand it in context with the latest trends and market opportunities.

Most importantly, you will see and experience Mimaki technology in real life, allowing you to better understand the true potential and capability of our products.

Discovering sample applications created by other markets can potentially lead to the generation of new business ideas and innovation. It also helps to foster collaboration between companies and the forming of new working relationships – making it the perfect platform for knowledge sharing and offering new solutions to your business.


View our current event schedule here and register directly to your preferred Application Day event. Simply click on the event link and submit the attached form. Your registration will be forwarded to your local dealer who will confirm your registration. This schedule will be updated regularly, so stay tuned for more events to follow!

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