Here you will find all the assets you can use to promote our new 3DUJ-553 in one overview.
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Available in English and French


One pager

Only available in English


Online Ads

3DUJ-553 online banners in 4 different sizes


Print Ads

3DUJ-553 print Ads, including decor and fashion.


Social Shares

Images and gifs for social sharing. Please use the provided link to link to our promo tiger page.


Press Release

Available in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian.



The Blog ‘3D Printing: How real is it?‘ is available in English and German.
The Blog ‘The Rise of Full Colour 3D Printing‘ is available in Dutch, French and English.


Product Photos and Logos

Available in JPG and PSD format. The logo is an Illustrator file.


Video teaser

The teaser product video for the 3DUJ-553 (English only)