Sustainability of Mimaki

Mimaki is dedicate to produce greener and more sustainable products

Many years ago with the introduction of Eco Solvent inks and UV-LED printing solutions, Mimaki entered the world of sustainability. Focusing not only on the reduction of harmful toxics but also on the reduction of the CO2 footprint, energy consumption, cleaner and more environmentally sound inks a, lowering or even avoiding VOC emissions and not at last the possibility to reduce waste thru better usage of the printers in combination with our RIP software RasterLINK.
Mimaki has invested in the R&D of the company to develop new and better products, the first results are seen in our range of eco friendly printing equipment. Our Latex offering, the SUV ink technology and the adoption of UV-LED curing even at high speeds. Furthermore Mimaki has waste reduction in mind, not only at our factory level but also at the end user level. With more reliable high quality print and cutting equipment being introduced we are ready for the future.

Disposal of WEEE and meaning of the wheeled bin symbol

In 2002 the European Union introduced the Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). WEEE may contain hazardous substances that should not end-up in the (human) environment and can have adverse effects on it if they do. Furthermore, WEEE is a vast source of raw materials. With the ever rising worldwide demand for new equipment and the ever decreasing volume of natural raw materials, letting this potential source go to waste is unacceptable.

If equipment is collected separately, the equipment can be recycled and up to 85 to 90% of the equipment can be re-used as new material, saving the use of virgin raw materials and energy of producing these.

For above reasons, Mimaki does expect end-users to dispose of the material separately (as required in the legislation). Electrical and Electronic Equipment is labeled with the following ”˜crossed out wheeled bin”™ symbol indicating that the equipment should be disposed of, by the end-user, separate from other types of waste.

Recycling of machines and ink cartidges

End-users in the Netherlands can contact Mimaki in the Netherlands on disposal and take-back options. End-users in other countries should contact their dealer in order to obtain the required disposal information. In the UK we have setup a cartridge recycling scheme with our local partners, ensuring that empty Mimaki ink cartridges are being disposed of in the best possible manner. This project has resulted in more than 100.000 cartridges have been saved from the environment.

For more information about how Mimaki works on ways to improve your sustainability, please contact us
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