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UJF-3042 Desktop Size UV LED Flatbed Printer


The UJF-3042 series providing a unique solution for short runs and on-demand printing. The printers offer unrivalled versatility and high quality print reproduction on an almost unbelievable range of materials, products and substrates. With its compact desktop format the UJF-3042 series offers unlimited possibilities to the end user.

UJF-3042 Series delivers •••

  • Outstanding print quality and reliability
  • Space-saving compact desktop design
  • Direct printing on substrates up to 50 mm thick (FX model) and 150 mm (HG model)
  • Simultaneous printing of colour and white
  • White ink and clear varnish
  • Automatic primer application function
  • HG Model features additional two print channels for 6-colour printing plus white and clear inks

user of ujf-3042

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Applications of UJF-3042

Unlimited Possibilities

From gifts and novelties to wooden and glass materials, the Mimaki UJF-3042 series offers almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to applications.


Wedding Gifts


Colour Pencils




Control Panel

USB Stick

Glass Bottle

Mobile phone




Gift Boxes



Specifications of UJF-3042

Print head On-demand Piezo head
Maximum print area 300 x 420 mm
Printing resolutions 720 x 600 dpi, 1440 x 1200 dpi
Ink type LH-100 (C/M/Y/K/W/Cl)
LF-200 (C/M/Y/K/W)
LF-140 (C/M/Y/K/Lc/Lm/W)
Ink capacity 220 ml cartridge / 600 ml ink pack
Media size Width: up to 364 mm / Length: up to 463 mm
Media thickness UJF-3042 FX: Up to 50 mm
UJF-342 HG: Up to 150 mm
Media weight Up to 5 kg
UV device UV LED
Interface USB 2.0
Power consumption Less than 0.5 kVA
Dimensions (w x d x h) (FX model) 1200 mm x 1090 mm x 770 mm
(HG model) 1200 mm x 966 mm x 920 mm
Weight (FX model) 113 kg
(HG model) 130 kg


Features of UJF-3042

UV LED curing technology

UV LED Curing Technology

The UJF-3042 series employs UV LED printing technology, which does not generate excessive heat, allowing the machine to print directly on virtually almost anything, including heat-sensitive materials.

Two models are available: UJF-3042FX, which can print on media up to 50 mm thick, and UJF-3042HG (up to 150 mm thick).

Three Types of UV Curable Ink

Three types of ink are available for Mimaki UJF-3042 series. LH-100 hard UV ink excels in scratch and chemical resistance as well as in colour reproduction; LF-200 flexible UV ink enables stretching of ink up to 200% during post-processing work; LF-140 offers strong gradation in 6-colour printing and is more flexible than LH-100 ink.

White ink under and overprint
Simultaneous white ink under and overprint
Print outstandingly colourful, bright images on transparent and coloured substrates with white ink under or overprint without slowing down the print speed.

A. 4/6 colours only
Without white ink as a basis for overprinting, the colours are not as vivid as they should be.

B.4/6 colours + white
With the white ink overlay print, the images are bright and vivid.

Embossed effect using clear ink Stunning effects with clear ink
Add value to your prints by using clear ink to create beautiful glossy, matte, or embossed finish–as well as to further protect your image.

Automatic Primer Application Function

Both printers incorporate an automatic primer feature, simplifying pre-priming process, which is traditionally done manually by wiping or spraying. Mimaki’s inkjet primer cartridge is simply inserted into the corresponding ink slot of UJF-3042, enabling the primer to specifically target the print image area only.

Automatic Inkjet Primer Function

*Always test your intended materials before using primer. When printing with primer and white / clear ink, production speed is reduced to some extent.

Useful Functions to Ensure Print Quality

  • Mimaki Spray Suppressor System prevents satellite ink drops, ensuring higher print reliability, consistency, and quality.
  • Nozzle Recovery Function temporarily restores print quality, reducing potential downtime if maintenance issue should arise.
  • Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT) is a newly developed white ink circulation system that prevents pigment sedimentation and reduces ink waste. Available on UJF-3042HG.

Mimaki ECO iconEnvironmentally-friendly Technology

  • UV LEDs have longer life and consume less energy than conventional UV lamps
  • Less transfer waste and no wasted inventory by printing on-demand, direct-to-substrate
  • No noticeable odour and no excessive noise

Kebab option(HG)

Kebab option (UJF-3042HG)

Strong points of Kebab Option

Mimaki kebab-system

  • 360° direct printing on cylindrical item
  • The on-demand printing – Sampling
  • Printable on the cylindrical item
  • Maximum length of 330mm
  • Diameter from 10 up to 110mm
  • Maximum weight of 3Kg
  • Printing on the wide variety of the cylinder broadens the range of the application
  • Easy installation on the UJF-3042 HG / UJF-6042 with the special connector
  • Quick and Easy replacement of the table is possible

Visit the Kebab option page for more information >>>

360 Direct print on Cylinders

Print by rotating the substrates 360 degrees. Adjustment width: Diameter 10mm~110mm. Maximum weight: Up to 3kg.

  1. Measure the diameter
  2. Diameter x pi (3.14)=Circumference
  3. Print Area is obtained


Two Diameter settings

mimaki kebab optionBottle (Diameter: 61.5mm)

  • Printing mode: 720 x 1200 DPI 16Pass
  • Print data: Label (Y direction)
  • Scan = 80mm x direction(Feed) = 240mm

Candle (Diameter: 11mm)
Mimaki kebab-small-diameter

  • Printing mode: 720 x 1200 DPI 16Pass
  • Print data: Decollation (Y direction)
  • Scan = 120mm x direction(Feed) = 34.54mm

Examples of Kebab products

Mimaki kebab-applications

Visit the Kebab option page for more information >>>


Downloads of UJF-3042

Please download the Mimaki UJF-3042 brochure below.



Product video of the UJF-3042

Product images of the UJF-3042