UJF-706 Highest Quality Industrial UV Printer


The UJF-706 is an innovative solution for printing companies and manufacturers requiring on-demand, short run production, and variable data printing. The UJF-706 prints on a wide range of objects and media up to 15 cm thickness. With the optional roll unit, the UV curing inkjet printer can also print on roll-to-roll substrates and thin flexible packaging films.

The UJF-706 delivers •••

  • Direct printing on substrates up to 15 cm thickness
  • Outstanding print quality and reliability
  • Variable data printing and imprint capabilities
  • Simultaneous printing of colour and white
  • White ink and clear varnish
  • Optional roll unit for printing on roll-to-roll substrates

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Applications of UJF-706

Substrates and applications

  • Industrial items, such as control panels
  • Electronics, e.g mobile phones, laptops, and speakers
  • Gifts and novelties
  • Graphic awards
  • Indoor displays
  • Cards
  • Card holders
  • Glass bottles
  • Wine boxes
  • Gift boxes
  • Tin boxes
  • Mock-ups or prototypes for packaging, and more!

Packaging Mockup

Control Panel


Wedding Gift

Wine Box

Glass Bottle

Small Signs

USB Stick


Specifications of UJF-706

Print head On-demand piezo head
Maximum print area Width: 700 mm (27.6″), Length: 600 mm (23.6″)
Printing resolutions 600 x 600 dpi, 1200 x 1200 dpi
Ink type Hard UV Ink (CMYK Lc Lm + W + Clear), Flexible UV ink (CMYK Lc Lm + W)
Ink capacity 440 ml per cartridge
Media Size Width : 710 mm (28.0″), Length : 605 mm (23.8″)
Media thickness Up to 150 mm (15 cm)
Media weight Up to 10 kg
Media set device Air suction by vacuum
UV device Equipped with UV lamp
Interface USB 2.0
Power consumption Less than 4.0 kVA
Dimensions (w x d x h) 2500 mm x 1750 mm x 1,550 mm (68.9″ x 98.4″ x 61.0″)
Weight 505 kg


Features of UJF-706

Mark sensor for imprinting variable data

On-demand variable data printing

Mark Sensor functionality
UJF-706 ensures that you respond to your clients’ requirements with regard to variable data printing and imprinting of names, employee numbers, barcodes, serial numbers etc. by using automatic optical mark recognition on pre-printed items.

Hard and Flexible UV Curable Ink

The UJF-706 offers hard and flexible UV ink depending on your needs. The hard ink has excellent scratch resistance and the flexible ink can stretch up to 200%, depending on the media*.

*Some substrates might need pre-treatment (e.g. primer, flaming, or corona)

Simultaneous white ink under and overprint
Print outstandingly colourful, bright images on transparent and coloured substrates with white ink under or overprint without slowing down the print speed.

White ink under and overprintA.4/6 colours only
Without white ink as a basis for overprinting, the colours are not as vivid as they should be.

B.4/6 colours + white
With the white ink overlay print, the images are bright and vivid.

Embossed effect using clear inkStunning effects with clear ink
Add value to your prints by using clear ink to create beautiful glossy, matte, or embossed finish–as well as to further protect your image.

Other useful features

Mimaki Spray Suppressor System
Equipped with Mimaki Spray Suppressor System, which prevents satellite ink drops, the UJF-706 ensures higher print reliability, consistency, and quality.

Roll unit option for thin films
The optional roll unit allows for continuous on-demand printing of roll-ro-roll substrates and thin flexible packaging films.


Downloads of UJF-706

Please download the Mimaki UJF-706 brochure below.



Product images of the UJF-706