Tx400 Series

Tx400 Series

Tx400 Series: Highly Productive Textile Printers

Mimaki TX400-1800

The Tx400 series offers direct printing on polyester and cotton at an exceptionally high speed with superior print quality; the perfect mix for producing soft signage, flags, fabric point of sale, furnishings, fashion and more. The Tx400-1800D is suitable for printing on non-stretchable materials, while the Tx400-1800B is equipped with adhesive belt carrier system for direct printing on stretchable fabrics.

Tx400 Series delivers •••

  • Printing on cotton, polyester-based materials, and many other fabrics
  • Substantial reduction in production time
  • High quality printing, smooth gradation, no restrictions in number of colours
  • More eco-friendly, compared to screen printing
  • Low running and ink costs
  • Unique dye sublimation ink, with low vapor emission during heating

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Applications of Tx400 Series


The Tx400 textile printers are capable of printing on cotton, polyester-based materials, and other fabrics.


The Tx400 series fits in the soft signage market, as well as textiles, such as apparel and furnishings. Thus, the applications are ranging from banners, flags, interior design, furnishings and garments.

  • Flags
  • Banners
  • Garments
  • Curtains
  • Bed linen
  • Table cloths
  • Garments
  • Ties
  • Scarves
  • And many more


Specifications of Tx400 Series

Print head On-demand piezo head in 3-layered staggered arrangement / 8 colours
Maximum print width 1850 mm
Printing resolutions 600 x 300 dpi, 600 x 450 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi
Ink type Reactive dye (Rc210) and sublimation dye ink(Sb210)
Ink capacity 16 slots for 2L ink container per colour
in 6- / 8-colour mode: 4L / colour is possible
in 4-colour mode : 8L / colour is possible
Media width 210 – 1860 mm
Roll weight Tx400-1800D: up to 38 kg, Tx400-1800B: up to 44 kg
Roll inside diameter Tx400-1800D: 1.5 – 3 inch, Tx400-1800B: 2 – 3 inch
RIP software Rasterlink Pro 5 TA
Dimensions (w x d x h), incl. ink supply unit Tx400-1800D: 4300 x 1550 x 1600 mm
Tx400-1800B: 4300 x 2930 x 1650 mm
Weight Tx400-1800D: 550 kg
Tx400-1800B: 2300 kg


Features of Tx400 Series

Tx400-1800D and Tx400-1800B

The Tx400-1800D allows for direct printing on non-stretchable materials, while Tx400-1800B, which is equipped with adhesive belt carrier system, is suitable for printing stretchable fabrics.

Industrial high speed printing
Depending on print conditions, the Tx400 series is capable of printing up to 99.1 sqm/h.

High print quality

Selectable ink drop sizes
Ink drop sizes can be selected according to the substrate and the intended design, in order to achieve sharp and exact reproduction.

*Inkjet drops may look differently on different substrates, please always test beforehand for each substrate.


Multiple inks, adding versatility
The Tx400 series employs high viscosity inks that are available in two types to suit the type of fabric: reactive dye ink and sublimation dye ink

High density black printing
When printing black, the Sb210 ink shows an excellent deep black reproduction and density.

Ink correspondence chart

Continuous printing

Mimaki Bulk Ink System (MBIS)
16 loading slots for 2L ink container each, thus in 4 color mode a maximum of 8L per color is enabled.

Uninterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS)
Mimaki’s UISS will automatically switch whenever one ink container is empty to the other ink container of the same colour. In addition, operators can exchange the ink containers even when the printer is at work. Therefore UISS enables long continuous print runs.


Brochure of Tx400 Series

Please download the Mimaki TX400 Series brochure below.


Product images of the TX400-1800B

Product images of the TX4–1800D