Nature Education Program

The Mimaki Nature Education Program

Mimaki also underlined its status as a responsible supplier and its broad perspective on sustainability. The company ‘adopted’ in 2012 a Sumatran tiger (Name: Pertama) at the Barcelona zoo, and in doing so sponsored the Mimaki Nature Education Program, an initiative that supports education of youth and children about nature and wildlife.


About the Sumatran tiger

The Sumatran tiger is found exclusively on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the last stronghold for tigers in the whole of Indonesia. Tigers were also once widespread on Bali and Java; sadly, the last observation in Bali was in the 1930s, with the Javan tiger recorded for the last time in 1976. There have been no confirmed records since. Sumatran Tigers are the smallest of all tigers alive today with their stripes being narrower and closer together than on many other sub-species, enabling them to move stealthily through dense forest vegetation, out of sight of un-suspecting prey.

However, deforestation and rampant poaching across the Sumatran tiger’s range threaten the future of the species.
Mimaki tigerWith just 350-500 individuals thought to remain in the wild, the Sumatran Tiger is now officially recognized as a Critically Endangered Species. Zoos around the world, including Barcelona, are working together in conservation breeding programmes, to preserve the genetic uniqueness of the Sumatran Tiger.

Mimaki Adoption of the Sumatran tiger Pertama

Greater sustainability at every stage of the printing process is something all printers strive for. We’re committed to helping printers achieve this goal by making our solutions as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our adoption of the Sumatran tiger embodies our responsible approach. You can find more about the Save the Tiger at the WWF site