Mimaki CG-SRIII Series

New Mimaki CG-SRIII Series of Cutting Plotters to Be Unveiled in Europe for the First Time at FESPA 2013 Affordably priced, technologically advanced Series CG-SRIII plotters designed to achieve the highest return on investment. Amsterdam, May 28, 2013 Mimaki today announced the availability in Europe of three new affordable cutting plotters. These CG-SRIII Series plotters […]

Fodig Handelsges. mbH

Fodig Handelsges. mbH Gewerbestraße 3 84061 Ergoldsbach Autorisierter Fachhändler für: JV300/JV150, CJV300/150, CG-SRIII Serie, CG-FXII Serie, UCJV Serie, UJF-MkII Serie Demomaschinen: JV300-160, CJV150-130, CG-60SRIII, CG-130FXII, UJF-3042MkII-EX

die12monate * GbR

Rostocker Str. 72a 18311 Ribnitz- Damgarten Deutschland Autorisierter Fachhändler für: JV/CJV Serie, UCJV Serie, JV400LX, JV400SUV, JV34, UJF-3042 FX, UJF-MkII Serie, UJF-7151plus, CG-SRIII, CG-FXII, CF2, CFL-605RT, JFX200, JFX500,  TS300P-1800, Demogeräte: JV300-160, CJV150-130, UJF-3042HG, CG-130FX2, CG-60SRIII

M&C GmbH

Gilbertstraße 30 54290 Trier Deutschland (0) 651 9 76 46 00   Autorisierter Fachhändler für: CJV Serie, JV Serie, TS300p, UJF-MkII Serie CG-FXII, CG-SRIII Demogeräte: CJV150-160, TS300p-1800, CG-130FXII

Mimaki Innovation at Viscom Dusseldorf 2013

Mimaki Innovation at Viscom Dusseldorf 2013 Draws Visitors, Reaps Awards Attendees appreciated quality and reliability of Mimaki products Amsterdam, November 19, 2013 Mimaki reported a successful exhibit at Viscom Dusseldorf with a focus on high quality printing and finishing solutions for the sign and display graphics market. Mimaki was also recognized with two prestigious awards […]

KAUT-BULLINGER Büro-Systemhaus GmbH

Magnolienweg 16 63741 Aschaffenburg Deutschland Autorisierter Fachhändler für: CJV Serie, JV Serie, CG-SRIII, CG-FXII, JFX200 Demogeräte: JFX200, JV150-160

25 Years of Cutting Expertise

Mimaki Brings 25 Years of Cutting Expertise to FESPA Cutting-edge cutting tools for cutting-edge performance Amsterdam, May 28, 2013 Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the sign/graphics, textile/apparel and industrial markets, will be bringing 25 years of cutting expertise and more to FESPA 2013, scheduled for 25-29 June in London. […]

CG-SR III Series

[wptabs style=”wpui-narrow” mode=”horizontal”] [wptabtitle] CG-SRIII Series[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent] CG-SR III Series: Extreme Curve Cutting Speed With a host of technical improvements over previous cutters, Mimaki’s new CG-SR III range of cutting plotters features a 60 cm wide desktop model up to a 137 cm wide professional production unit. All with the capability to cut to a […]

RCS Systemsteuerungen GmbH

Im Päsch 54340 Longuich (Trier) Deutschland Autorisierter Fachhändler für: CJV-Serie, JV-Serie, CG-SRIII, CG-FXII Demogeräte: CG60-SRIII, CJV300-160 JV300-160, CJV150-107

Multi-Plot Europe GmbH

Industriestr.1-3 34308 Bad Emstal Deutschland Autorisierter Fachhändler für: JV-Serie, CJV-Serie, JV34, JV5, UJF-3042 FX, CG-SRIII, CG-FXII, TX500, TS500-1800SB, TX2-1600, TS34, TS5-1600, JV5-320DS, TPC1000, TS300P-1800, UCJV Serie Demogeräte: JV300-160, UJF-3042 HG,  TS500-1800S, TX500-1800D,  JV5-320D,  CG-60SRIII, UCJV150-160